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The General Laws Section List is an invaluable and essential resource to anyone who utilizes the laws of the state. It notifies the user as to all of the changes or potential changes to the Rhode Island statutes presently on the books. Those who work with our State's laws on a routine basis know that the annual Pocket Supplements appended to the General Laws' green-bound volumes are not regularly available until the month of November.

The 2014 General Laws Section List

Note Links to versions of the 2014 Public Laws are preliminary versions of these laws subject to proofreading, review, correction and editing by the State Law Revision Office as part of the official state law publication process.

This list can be viewed by General Law Section Number:

General Law Section Number:

Titles 1 through 10:

Titles 11 through 20:

Titles 21 through 30:

Titles 31 through 40:

Titles 40.1 through 47:


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