2000-H 6750
Enacted 5/4/2000

A N     A C T


Introduced By: Representatives Menard, Barr, Vieira and Winfield

Date Introduced :

January 6, 2000

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Sections 1, 3 and 5 of Chapter 24 of the 1994 Public Laws entitled "An Act Relating to Homestead Exemptions in the Town of Lincoln" are hereby amended to read as follows:

SECTION 1. Homestead exemptions in the town of Lincoln. -- Notwithstanding any other provisions of the general or special laws to the contrary, the town administrator, upon approval of the town council of the town of Lincoln, is hereby authorized to annually fix the amount of homestead exemptions with respect to assessed value from local taxation on taxable real property used for residential purposes in the town of Lincoln and to grant homestead exemptions to such residential real estate in an amount not to exceed thirty-five percent (35%) of the assessed value. Any such exemption shall only apply to residential property improved with a dwelling house. Any such dwelling house shall consist of no more than four (4) dwelling units. seven (7) dwelling units and the property of each person who shall be a domiciled resident of the town of Lincoln and which property is the principal residence of that person. Provided, that the person entitled to the exemption shall have presented to the town tax assessor, on or before the last day on which sworn statements may be filed with the assessor for the year for which exemption is claimed. Said person shall be entitled to said exemption as long as his or her legal residence remains unchanged. This exemption shall not apply to any mixed use properties containing partial commercial or business uses and shall apply to vacant land.

SECTION 3. Approval of town electors. -- Notwithstanding any general or public law to contrary, the question of the approval of this act shall be submitted to the electors of the town at a special municipal the general election to be held on the first Tuesday in June, 1994. November, 2000. The question shall be submitted in substantially the following form: "Shall an act entitled 'An act relating to amending the homestead exemption in the town of Lincoln' be approved?" and the warning for the election shall contain the question to be submitted. From the time the special election is warned and until it is held, it shall be the duty of the town clerk to keep a copy of the act available at her office for public inspection, but the validity of the election shall not be affected by this requirement.

SECTION 5. Effective dates. -- This section and section 3 shall take effect upon passage of this act. The remainder of this act shall take effect upon the approval of this act by a majority of those voting on the question at the election prescribed by the foregoing section.

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