2001-S 759 am
Enacted 07/13/2001

A  N     A   C   T


Introduced By:  Senators Igliozzi, Ruggerio, Goodwin and Walton Date Introduced:  February 14, 2001

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Chapter 6A-2.1 of the General Laws entitled "Leases" is hereby amended by adding thereto the following section:

6A-2.1-222. Effect of tax increase on lease payments. -- No lease relating to residential real estate shall contain a provision which obligates a lessee to make payments to the lessor on account of an increased real estate tax levied during the term of the lease, unless such provision expressly sets forth:

(1) that the lessee shall be obligated to pay only that proportion of such increased tax as the unit leased by him bears to the whole of the real estate so taxed;

(2) the exact percentage of any such increase which the lessee shall pay; and

(3) that if the lessor obtains an abatement of the real estate tax levied on the whole of the real estate of which the unit leased by the lessee is a part, a proportionate share of such abatement, less reasonable attorney's fees, if any, shall be refunded to said lessee. Any provision of a lease in violation of the provision of this section shall be deemed to be against public policy and void.

If the exact percentage of any such increased tax contained in such a provision is found to exceed that proportion of such increased tax as the lessee's unit bears to the whole of the real estate so taxed, then the lessor shall return to the lessee that amount of the tax payment collected from the lessee which exceeded the lessee's proportionate share of the increased tax, plus interest calculated at the rate of five percent (5%) per year from the date of collection.

Nothing in this section shall apply to existing leases, but shall be included in all new leases.

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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