2002-S 2736
Enacted 06/28/2002

A  N    A  C T



Introduced By: Senators Polisena, Graziano, and Igliozzi


Date Introduced: February 07, 2002

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:

SECTION 1. Section 44-34-13 of the General Laws in Chapter 44-34 entitled "Excise on Motor Vehicles and Trailers [Repealed effective July 1, 2005.]" is hereby amended to read as follows:

44-34-13. Tax exemption on vehicles adapted for persons who are disabled. [Repealed effective July 1, 2005.] -- The city or town councils of the various cities and towns may, by ordinance, exempt from taxation up to fifty percent (50%) of the value of any motor vehicle that is necessary to transport a family member with a disability or where the vehicle has been specially adapted to meet the specific needs of the person with a disability. This exemption applies to not more than one motor vehicle owned and registered for personal, noncommercial use. After the assessors have allowed an exemption under this section, no further evidence of the existence of the facts required by this section is required in any subsequent year in the city or town in which the exemption has been allowed. For the purpose of this subsection the term "special adaptations" includes, but is not limited to: wheelchair lifts; wheelchair carriers; wheelchair ramps; wheelchair securements; hand controls; steering devices; extensions, relocations, and crossovers of operator controls; power assisted controls; raised tops or dropped floors; raised entry doors; or alternative signaling devices to auditory signals. For the purpose of this subsection "specially adapted motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle with special adaptations; provided, that the cost of the special adaptations meets or exceeds seven percent (7%) of the value of the motor vehicle. provided, further, however, that the town of Johnston may, by ordinance, provide for an exemption when the cost of special adaptations is not less than two percent (2%).

SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.

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