Chapter 182

Chapter 182







     Introduced By: Senators Bates, Blais, Felag, Gibbs, and Roberts

     Date Introduced: January 15, 2003



It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Section 42-12.3-8 of the General Laws in Chapter 42-12.3 entitled "Health

Care for Children and Pregnant Women" is hereby amended to read as follows:

     42-12.3-8. Enhanced services for children. - - (a) The department of human services

shall develop a panel of enhanced services to be available as appropriate to RIte Track and

medical assistance recipients under the age of eighteen (18), who are considered at risk, as

defined by department of human services regulations. These services shall include, but not be

limited to: care coordination, home visitation, nutrition counseling, parenting skills education.

These services may be performed through a fee for service, contractual arrangement, or capitated

rate as determined by the department of human services. The provision of enhanced services is

subject to available appropriations; in the event that appropriations are not adequate for the

provision of these services, the department has the authority to limit the amount, scope, and

duration of these enhanced services, and to limit eligibility for enhanced services to children

under the age of eight (8). Nothing in this section shall prohibit the department of human services

from providing enhanced services to a medical assistance recipient, within existing


     (b) Except as provided in subsection (c) below, the department of human services shall

also provide pediatric palliative care services to eligible children under the age of nineteen (19)

years who have a terminal illness, provided that such services qualify for federal financial

participation. These services shall be designed to achieve an improved quality of life and to meet

the physical and emotional needs experienced by the patient during the course of the terminal

illness and death. The services offered shall be determined by the department and may include,

but are not limited to, consultations for pain and symptom management, case management and

assessment, social services, counseling, volunteer support services, and respite services. The

services shall be provided by licensed health care facilities that meet the criteria established by

regulations promulgated by the department. The department is further authorized to establish

limits on the services provided under this section.

     (c) The department shall be the payor of last resort with respect to services provided

under subsection (b) above. With respect to children under the age of nineteen (19) years who are

covered by an individual or family health insurance plan or program that provides payment in

whole or in part for the type of pediatric palliative health care services listed in subsection (b)

above, the department shall coordinate benefits with these primary payors, and provided further

that payments by the department shall be in accordance with the departmentís fee schedules.

     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect on July 1, 2003.     


LC00114/SUB A/2