Chapter 224

Chapter 224

2003 -- H 6501 SUBSTITUTE A

Enacted 07/15/03






     Introduced By: Representative T Brien

     Date Introduced: June 10, 2003



It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Chapter 3-7 of the General Laws entitled "Retail Licenses" is hereby

amended by adding thereto the following section:

     3-7-4.1. Holders of retail Class A licenses permitted to conduct wine and beer

samplings inside licensed premises. - - Any holder of a Class A retail license shall be permitted

to conduct at no charge to the consumer, inside the premises of the licensee, sample tastings of

wine (under 13% alcohol by volume) and beer (under 5.5% alcohol by volume) available for

purchase from the licensee’s outlet. These samples shall not exceed one (1) ounce servings of

each wine, the number of wines being limited to no more than two (2) products at any one (1)

tasting and two (2) ounce servings of each beer with the number of beer samplings being limited

to two (2) brands at any one (1) tasting. Each consumer shall be limited to no more than one (1)

sample tasting of each product.

     It shall be required that the licensee provide, at no charge to the consumer, food

samplings to be included with the tasting of all wine and beer. Those food samplings not

consumed during the tasting shall not thereafter be offered for sale.

     The licensee shall control, without wholesaler or supplier participation, the dispensing of

all samples to prospective customers. The licensee may not hold more than eight (8) tasting

events in any thirty (30) day period.

     Sampling events may not be promoted except on the licensed premises.

     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.     


LC03398/SUB A