Chapter 378

Chapter 378

2003 -- H 5015 SUBSTITUTE A

Enacted 07/21/03






     Introduced By: Representatives Giannini, Petrarca, McNamara, Gallison, and Lima

     Date Introduced: January 09, 2003





It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Legislative intent. When an immediate and coordinated abduction

emergency alert to the public is appropriate to respond to the most serious child abduction cases,

the legislature hereby finds that involving appropriate law enforcement authorities, state and local

officials and cooperating members of the broadcast media may increase the likelihood that an

abducted child will be located and safety returned to his or her family. This legislation designates

the Rhode Island state police as the coordinating laws enforcement agency for Rhode Island in

the America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Plan “AMBER Plan.” When an

AMBER Alert is activated, voluntary broadcasting of emergency alerts by radio stations and

broadcast media outlets will be activated by a request from the state police acting through the

Rhode Island emergency management agency.

     SECTION 2. Chapter 42-28 of the General Laws entitled "State Police" is hereby

amended by adding thereto the following sections:

     42-28-3.1. AMBER Alert. – (a) The division of state police, in consultation with other

appropriate agencies, shall develop a voluntary partnership between law enforcement agencies,

media outlets and other appropriate entities to send out emergency alerts entitled the Rhode Island

America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Plan (“AMBER Plan”). The AMBER Plan

shall provide a pro-active emergency public alert plan as part of the response to serious child

abduction cases that may be expediently triggered by law enforcement personnel in accordance

with protocols and procedures established by the division of state police in consultation with

appropriate law enforcement authorities, the Rhode Island emergency management agency, state

and local officials and cooperating members of the broadcast media (“AMBER Alert”).

     (b) Once a law enforcement agency has confirmed that a child has been abducted and that

the circumstances of the abduction indicate that the child is in serious danger of bodily harm or

death, the confirming agency will obtain descriptive information for the AMBER Alert, contact

the state police to provide the descriptive information to the state police and identify a point of

contact within their agency.

     42-28-3.2. AMBER Alert procedures for protocol and implementation. – The

division of state police shall establish protocols and procedures to implement an AMBER Alert.

The protocols and procedures shall be updated as may be necessary in consultation with the

entities and agencies involved in the AMBER Alert process to provide effective and efficient

procedures to assist law enforcement agencies, broadcast media and other cooperating agencies or

entities in providing an emergency alert to the public in response to a serious child abduction


     SECTION 3. This act shall take effect upon passage.



LC00412/SUB A/2