04-LA 035

2004 -- H 8117

Enacted 06/11/04


A N  A C T




     Introduced By: Representatives Gallison, Enos, Amaral, and Callahan

     Date Introduced: February 24, 2004



It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Section 10 of the act passed at the January session 1952 entitled "An Act to

Incorporate the Island Park and Common Fence Point Fire District and to Furnish a Supply of

Water within the Town of Portsmouth" as amended by acts of the general assembly at its January

sessions 1956, 1963, 1965, 1968, 1979, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1993 is hereby further amended as


     "Sec. 10. The district shall have power to order such taxes and provide for assessing and

collecting the same on the ratable real estate and tangible personal property except for motor

vehicles which are registered under chapter 3 of title 31 of the Rhode Island General Laws as it

shall deem necessary for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining a supply of water and

distributing the same for the extinguishing of fire, power, domestic and other uses; and for

establishing and maintaining and constructing water works, driving wells, and operating the same

and acquiring and leasing real estate and other property and property rights necessary for a water

supply, and laying and maintaining pipes, conduits, aqueducts and other structures connected

therewith and purchasing implements, machinery and other appliances; and for the payment of

the current expenses of the district; the payment of such officers, employees and other agents as

the district is authorized to elect, appoint or otherwise choose under this act; also for the payment

of any indebtedness that has been or may be incurred by the district; and such taxes so ordered

shall be assessed by the assessors of the district on the taxable inhabitants and the property real

estate therein according to the last valuation made by the assessors of the town next previous to

said assessment, adding however any taxable property real estate which may have been omitted

by said town assessors or afterwards acquired, and in all cases where the town assessors have

included property real estate within and without the district in one valuation, the assessors of the

district shall make an equitable valuation of that portion of said property real estate lying within

the district; and in assessing and collecting of said taxes such proceedings shall be had by the

officers of the district, as near as may be, as are required to be held by the corresponding officers

of towns in assessing and collection of town taxes; and the collector of taxes for the district shall,

for the purpose of collecting taxes assessed by the district, have the same powers and authority as

are now by law conferred on collectors of taxes for towns in this state. The district may provide

for such deduction from the tax assessed against any person if paid by an appointed time, or for

such penalty by way of percentage on the tax if not paid at the appointed time, not exceeding 12

per cent percent per annum as it shall deem necessary to insure punctual payment; provided,

however, that the tax assessed in any one year under the provisions of this section shall not

exceed 15 mills on each dollar of said valuation."

     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.