05-R 217

2005 -- S 1058

Enacted 04/28/05


S E N A T E  R E S O L U T I O N




     Introduced By: Senators Raptakis, Gallo, Lanzi, Roberts, and J Montalbano

     Date Introduced: April 28, 2005



     WHEREAS, The Church of the Annunciation was the first Orthodox Christian parish

established in Rhode Island and is the third oldest Greek Orthodox parish in New England; and

     WHEREAS, The Church of the Annunciation is a parish of the Greek Orthodox

Archdiocese of America, under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople;


     WHEREAS, The parish was founded by Greek immigrants in 1905 who used various

buildings throughout Providence in which to worship before they purchased a church building at

333 Smith Street, near the State House; and

     WHEREAS, In 1920 they erected their first church of Orthodox architecture at 265 Pine

Street, and had a congregation of 127 families. In 1921 the Reverend Peter Mihailides arrived in

Providence to become the parish's first permanent Priest. A kind and wise man, Father Mihailides

served the parish until his death in 1956. Under his direction, church membership tripled and

became a magnet around which the Greek community in Providence could come together and

worship, help one another, and express the concerns and needs of the Greek community; and

     WHEREAS, By 1965 the parish had grown to over 300 families, which led to the

creation of the current church edifice at 175 Oaklawn Avenue, in Cranston; and

     WHEREAS, On March 24, 1968 the first divine liturgy was served. Shortly thereafter the

Reverend Peter Mihailides Center was built next to the Church, and was dedicated on December

7, 1969 in honor of Father Mihailides; and

     WHEREAS, Today the Church of the Annunciation consists of 650 families living in 30

of the 39 cities and towns of Rhode Island and offers a numerous array of services to its

congregants including Sunday Church School, Greek Language School, and numerous parish

organizations for its members of all ages, which enrich the lives of its communicants, but also

enriches the greater Rhode Island community through its ecumenical and charitable endeavors;

now, therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

hereby heartily celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Greek Orthodox Church of the

Annunciation, thanks them for all they have done to enrich the lives of so many people, and

wishes them many more birthday celebrations as they continue to serve God, their congregants

and the Greek Orthodox Community of Greater Providence; and be it further

     RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he hereby is authorized and directed to

transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to Father Andrew George of the Church of the