05-R 314

2005 -- S 1157

Enacted 06/08/05


S E N A T E  R E S O L U T I O N




     Introduced By: Senator J. Michael Lenihan

     Date Introduced: June 08, 2005



     WHEREAS, The General Assembly of the Crown Colony of Rhode Island and

Providence Plantations, meeting in session 230 years ago, on June 12, 1775, at the Kent County

Courthouse (now the site of the East Greenwich Town Hall), created the first Navy in the New

World; and

     WHEREAS, This event led to the creation of the first national Navy in the United States,

forerunner of the modern United States Navy; and

     WHEREAS, The two naval vessels, authorized by the Rhode Island General Assembly

on June 12, 1775, to comprise the first Navy, were the flagship Katy and the Washington, manned

by 80 and 30 men respectively; and

     WHEREAS, Commodore Abraham Whipple received the first naval orders ever issued to

an American Captain, and another Rhode Islander, Esek Hopkins, was designated Commander-

in-Chief of the new fleet by the Continental Congress in December of 1775; and

     WHEREAS, The town of East Greenwich has celebrated the creation of the first Navy in

the New World each year since the 200th Anniversary of the event in 1975; now, therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

hereby recognizes the historical importance of this event in the development of the Town of East

Greenwich and the State of Rhode Island by proclaiming Sunday, June 12, 2005 to be "Rhode

Island Colonial Navy Day"; and be it further

     RESOLVED, That this Senate hereby applauds the Town of East Greenwich for the

celebratory Parade and Ceremonies, being held on Thursday evening at 6:00 pm, June 16, 2005,

in recognition of the 230th Anniversary of the Creation of the first Navy in the New World, and

furthermore encourages all the citizens of the state to join in the festivities commemorating this

momentous historic event.