06-R 083


Enacted 02/15/06


H O U S E  R E S O L U T I O N


FOR THE YEARS 2005- 2006



     Introduced By: Representatives Kilmartin, San Bento, Williamson, Ginaitt, and

                                E Coderre

     Date Introduced: February 01, 2006



     RESOLVED, That the rules for the House of Representatives adopted by the House of

Representatives at its January session, A.D. 2005, entitled "House Resolution Adopting Rules of

the House of Representatives for the Years 2005-2006", be and the same is hereby amended by

amending rule 21 to read as follows:

     (21)(a) No member shall speak or vote, unless within the bar of the House and at his or

her seat, except as hereinafter provided. Every member (except as provided in rule 3) who shall

be in the House when the question is put, shall give his or her vote, unless prior thereto the

Speaker shall excuse him or her, in accordance with the Code of Ethics statute (36-14-6). No

member may vote for another member, nor activate another member's voting machine except by

the express direction of that member who is present in the House chamber. No one may occupy

the vacant seat of a member.

     (b) When a violation of rule 21(a) is alleged in writing by a member, the Speaker shall

refer said written allegation to the House Rules Committee to investigate, hold hearings, ascertain

the facts and report its findings and recommendation to the House, which may then take

appropriate action including but not limited to expulsion, as authorized by Article 6, Section 7 of

the Constitution of the State.

     (c) The electronic voting machine of any member not present when the quorum is called

shall remained locked until the member has notified the voting clerk of his or her presence.

     (d) Any member who leaves the floor before adjournment for the remainder of that day's

session shall report to the voting clerk prior to his or her departure. The voting clerk will then

lock the electronic voting machine of that member.



LC01516/SUB A/2