2006 -- S 2968

Enacted 03/23/06




S E N A T E  R E S O L U T I O N




     Introduced By: Senator Daniel J. Issa

     Date Introduced: March 23, 2006



     WHEREAS, During the period of time that India was attempting to gain their

independence from Great Britain, the subcontinent was also torn by an internal conflict between

its Hindu and Muslim populations. Each of these two communities wanted a separate area over

which they could rule; and

     WHEREAS, The Muslims of India struggled to establish a separate homeland on the

basis of the Two Nation Theory. Despite their long association and interactions at various levels,

the Hindus and Muslims of India had remained two separate and distinct sociocultural entities;


     WHEREAS, On March 23, 1940, the All India Muslim League, at Lahore, adopted a

resolution calling for a separate, independent Muslim homeland. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder

of Pakistan, working alongside leaders of the Indian subcontinent, freed Muslims from 200 years

of oppression under the British rule, paving the way for millions of Muslims to consider self-rule

and governance that would allow them to live freely according to their own religious and political

ideologies in life; and

     WHEREAS, This day, called "Pakistan Day," is observed in order to commemorate the

passage of this resolution. It is a national holiday in Pakistan, celebrated throughout the country

with parades, military air shows, patriotic singing and traditional dances; and

     WHEREAS, After passage of the Pakistan Resolution, the Muslims of India embarked on

a path leading to a full independent homeland. On August 14, 1947, under the provisions of the

Indian Independence Act from Great Britain, a predominantly Muslim Pakistan was established;


     WHEREAS, Rhode Islanders of Pakistani lineage proudly remember their roots and the

strong cultural heritage they have brought with them from throughout the four provinces of

Pakistan; they identify with the history of Rhode Island, which was also formed on the basis of

religious freedom over three hundred fifty years ago; they feel a kinship with the people of this

state who are their neighbors, colleagues and friends; now, therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

hereby commemorates the 66th Anniversary of the adoption of the Pakistan Resolution. We

congratulate the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as they celebrate this momentous day

and recognize the myriad of significant contributions Pakistanis and Pak-Americans have

provided to our communities and the State of Rhode Island.