SECTION 1. Section 41-4-9.1 of the General Laws in Chapter 41-4 entitled "Mutuel Betting and License Fees" is hereby amended to read as follows:


41-4-9.1. Licensing of concessioners, vendors, and pari-mutuel totalizator companies. -- (a) All persons, firms, partnerships, associations, or corporations desiring to operate any concession allied to any dog racing track, shall apply for a license to the division of racing and athletics, on such forms and in such a manner as prescribed by regulations of the division. The division by regulations shall establish other occupational licensing for all employees of the concessions, all pari-mutuel employees, and all persons employed in any other capacity by the race track management, and for other persons engaged in racing activities at any dog racing track.

(b) All persons, firms, associations, or corporations employed by the management of a dog racing track in providing pari-mutuel totalizator computer services for pari-mutuel computations, shall apply for a license to the division of racing and athletics upon such forms and in such manner prescribed by regulations of the division. All employees of the pari-mutuel totalizator computer companies shall be licensed by the division on forms prescribed by regulations of the division.

(c) In determining whether to grant a license pursuant to this section the division may require the applicant to submit information as to: financial standing and credit; moral character; criminal record, if any; previous employment; corporate, partnership or association affiliations; ownership of personal assets; and such other information as it deems pertinent to the issuance of the license. The division may reject for good cause an application for a license, and it may suspend or revoke for good cause any license issued by it after a hearing held in accordance with chapter 35 of title 42 and subject to further appeal procedures provided by section 41-2-3.

(d) The issuance of license and the payment of annual fees, except for occupational licenses for owners which shall be payable every three (3) years commencing with the first renewal date subsequent to June 16, 1991, shall be in accordance with the following schedule: The division shall issue a three (3) year license commencing with license year 2007. The division shall implement a graduated system in 2007 where one third of licenses due to expire shall be renewed for one year, a second third of licenses due to expire shall be renewed for two (2) years, and the final third of licenses due to expire shall be renewed for three (3) years, with licensing fees prorated accordingly. As said licenses become due for renewal, licenses shall be renewed for a three (3) year period of time. All licenses issued shall be in accordance with regulations and the following schedule:

(1) For gaming facility employees:

             (A) Key employees                                                                                          $300.00

             (B) Operation employees                                                                                 $150.00

             (C) Service employees                                                                                     $75.00

(2) For gaming facility non-employees:

(1) (A) Concessionaires and vendors:                                                              200.00    $750.00

(2) (B) Occupational licenses:                                                            

Owners                                                                                                           150.00 450.00

Trainers                                                                                                           40.00    150.00

Assumed names                                                                                               50.00     150.00

Lead people                                                                                                    10.00

Kennel people                                                                                                 10.00    75.00

(3) (C) Concessionaire and vendor's employees                                               10.00    75.00

(4) Pari-mutuel employees                                                                                10.00

(5) Employees of race track management                                                         10.00

(6) (D) Pari-mutuel totalizator companies                                                         200.00   750.00

(7) (E) Pari-mutuel totalizator company employees                                           10.00     150.00

(8) Security personnel                                                                                      10.00

(e) All individual applicants for licensing under this section shall be fingerprinted, and, upon obtaining the license, shall wear upon his or her outer apparel a photo identification badge, issued or authorized by the division of racing and athletics under rules and regulations promulgated by the division.

(f) The cost of the licensing pursuant to this section shall be paid by the employer of the licensee, and shall include one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the total salaries and benefits for the state employees engaged in the licensing at each facility. The fund shall be deposited as restricted receipts for the use of the state and shall be in addition to any taxes and fees otherwise payable to the state.


SECTION 2. This article shall take effect upon passage.