Chapter 242

2007 -- S 0531 AS AMENDED

Enacted 07/03/07





     Introduced By: Senators Ruggerio, Ciccone, McCaffrey, Alves, and DaPonte

     Date Introduced: February 15, 2007


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Section 3-7-14.2 of the General Laws in Chapter 3-7 entitled "Retail

Licenses" is hereby amended to read as follows:


     3-7-14.2. Class P licenses -- Caterers. -- (a) A caterer licensed by the department of

health and the division of taxation shall be eligible to apply for a Class P license from the

department of business regulation. The department of business regulation is authorized to issue all

caterers' licenses. The license will be valid throughout this state as a state license and no further

license will be required or tax imposed by any city or town upon this alcoholic beverage

privilege. Each caterer to which the license is issued shall pay to the department of business

regulation an annual fee of five hundred dollars ($500) for the license, and one dollar ($1.00) for

each duplicate of the license, which fees are paid into the state treasury. The department is

authorized to promulgate rules and regulations for implementation of this license. In

promulgating said rules, the department shall include, but is not limited to, the following


      (1) Proper identification will be required for individuals who look thirty (30) years old or

younger and who are ordering alcoholic beverages;

      (2) Only valid ID's as defined by these titles are acceptable;

      (3) An individual may not be served more than two (2) drinks at a time;

      (4) Licensee's, their agents, or employees will not serve visibly intoxicated individuals;

      (5) Licensee's may only serve alcoholic beverages for no more than a five (5) hour

period per event;

      (6) Only a licensee, or its employees, may serve alcoholic beverages at the event;

      (7) The licensee will deliver and remove alcoholic beverages to the event; and

      (8) No shots or triple alcoholic drinks will be served.

      (b) Any bartender employed by the licensee shall be certified by a nationally recognized

alcohol beverage server training program.

      (c) The licensee shall purchase at retail all alcoholic beverages from a licensed Class A

alcohol retail establishment located in the state. , provided, however, any licensee who also holds

a Class T license, issued pursuant to the provisions of section 3-7-7, shall be allowed to purchase

alcoholic beverages at wholesale. Any person violating this section shall be fined five hundred

dollars ($500) for this violation and shall be subject to license revocation. The provisions of this

section shall be enforced in accordance with this title.

      (d) Violation of subsection (a) of this section is punishable upon conviction by a fine of

not more than five hundred dollars ($500). Fines imposed under this section shall be paid to the

department of business regulation.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.