Chapter 261

2007 -- S 1089 SUBSTITUTE A

Enacted 07/03/07






     Introduced By: Senators C Levesque, Paiva-Weed, and Lenihan

     Date Introduced: June 08, 2007


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Sections 42-102-1 and 42-102-6 of the General Laws in Chapter 42-102

entitled "Rhode Island Human Resource Investment Council" are hereby amended to read as



     42-102-1. Establishment of council. There is established within the executive

department a an independent council to be known as "the Rhode Island human resource

investment council", hereinafter referred to as the "council", which shall be comprised of

influential and dedicated leaders and shall have as its purposes strategic planning for an

evaluation and coordination of work force development efforts in Rhode Island, and support of

innovative and state-of-the-practice initiatives and programs for work development.


     42-102-6. Duties. -- (a) The council shall meet with other entities involved with

vocational education, labor, and training and shall be responsible for the planning of labor and

training activities to ensure that a comprehensive and cohesive plan is developed. The council

shall take into consideration the needs of all segments of the state's citizenry in establishing goals

and training objectives.

      (b) The council shall establish policy to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of

programs and activities as they pertain to labor and training.

      (c) The council shall provide funding for special projects that will increase and improve

the skill base of Rhode Island's workforce. The council shall take into account labor market

information from the Rhode Island economic development corporation to help establish training

needs. In addition, the council shall have the following responsibilities:

      (1) Prepare and submit by September 1, 1992 and thereafter annually, a proposed budget

for the ensuing year for the governor's approval;

      (2) Prepare and submit to the governor, the general assembly, and the auditor general by

April 1 of each year an annual report on the council's goals, policies, and activities. The auditor

general shall conduct annual audits of all financial accounts and any other audits that he or she

shall deem necessary.

      (3) Ensure that, for those contracts or grants characterized as training or upgrading, the

administrative expenses of the private or public entity awarded the contract or grant shall not

exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the total contract or grant.

      (4) Receive any gifts, grants, or donations made and to disburse and administer them in

accordance with the terms thereof; and

      (5) Allocate moneys from the job development fund for projects to implement the

recommendations of the council, including, but not limited to, technology transfers or technical

assistance to manufacturers to improve their operations through the use of appropriate

technologies; provided, that for fiscal year 2005, a minimum of three million four hundred

thousand dollars ($3,400,000) from the job development fund shall be allocated for adult literacy


     (6) Within ninety (90) days after the end of each fiscal year, the council shall approve and

submit an annual report to the governor, the speaker of the house, the president of the senate, and

the secretary of state, of its activities during the fiscal year. The report shall provide: an operating

statement summarizing meetings or hearings held, meeting minutes if requested, subjects

addressed, decisions rendered, rules and regulations promulgated, studies conducted, policies and

plans developed, approved or modified, and programs administered or initiated; a consolidated

financial statement of all funds received and expended including the source of funds, a listing of

any staff supported by these funds, and a summary of clerical, administrative, professional or

technical reports received; a summary of performance during the previous fiscal year including

accomplishments, shortcomings and remedies; a synopsis of hearings, complaints, suspensions or

other legal matters related to the authority of the council; a summary of any training courses held

pursuant to subsection 42-102-2(c); a briefing on anticipated activities in the upcoming fiscal

year; and findings and recommendations for improvement. The report, within thirty (30) days of

its completion, shall be posted electronically on the general assembly and secretary of state's

websites. The director of the department of administration shall be responsible for the

enforcement of this provision.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.



LC03167/SUB A