Chapter 276

2007 -- S 1139

Enacted 07/07/07





     Introduced By: Senators P Fogarty, Connors, Gallo, and Tassoni

     Date Introduced: June 21, 2007


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Sections 1 and 4 of Chapters 325 and 330 of the Public Laws of 2003,

entitled "An Act Relating to Towns and Cities Echo Lake Water District" as amended in

Chapter 90 of the Public Laws of 2005, are hereby amended to read as follows:


     SECTION 1. All that part of the town of Glocester described in the following paragraph

is hereby incorporated into a district to be called the Echo Lake Water District.

     (a) The boundaries of the district shall be generally, those lots east of Jackson

Schoolhouse Road and the intersection with Lake Drive in the north and the intersection with

First Road in the south, those lots on either side of First Road, those lots on either side of Lake

Drive that are east of the intersection with Cross Road, within the general boundaries herein

provided, the town may by ordinance include or exclude specific lots, provided that no lot so

excluded shall be served by the water supply of the district. These boundaries meaning and

intending to include all properties traversed or encompassed by the boundary limits. These limits

meaning and intending to include the public and private streets, roads, and thoroughfares and all

public and privately held properties. The boundaries shall be generally beginning at the

intersection of the most westerly point of Second Road and Jackson Schoolhouse Road, which

shall be the most southwesterly limit of the district; thence running generally northerly along

Jackson Schoolhouse Road to a point on the shoreline of the Pascoag Reservoir; thence turning

and running generally easterly along the shoreline of the Pascoag Reservoir, parallel with Lake

Drive to a point; thence turning and running generally southerly along the shoreline of the

Pascoag Reservoir, parallel with Lake Drive to a point which is the most southeasterly point of

Lot 15 on that Plat entitled "Pascoag Lake Shores, Section B"; thence running westerly along the

most southerly line of Lot 15 to Lake Drive; thence northerly along Lake Drive to the intersection

of Lake Drive and the most easterly point of Second Road; thence westerly along Second Road to

the point and place of beginning.

     (b) The district is hereby constituted an independent public instrumentality for the

purposes of supplying water within the district and the exercise by the district of the powers

conferred by this chapter shall be deemed and held to be the performance of an essential public

function. The district shall not be subject to the supervision of the town or of any department,

commission, board, bureau or agency of the town except to the extent and in the manner provided

in this chapter.


     SECTION 4. Regular and special meetings Voting. (a) The district shall hold its

annual meeting during the month of October in each year at a time and location to be determined

by the members of the board a regular meeting on the first Monday in August in every year.

     (b) Special meetings of the district shall be called by the clerk upon order of the board or

upon written application of at least five (5) electors; and whenever the subject of ordering any

fees, rates, rents, assessments, delinquency charges and other charges for water is to be acted on

at any special meeting, the notice of any such fees, rates, rents, assessments, delinquency charges

and other charges for water shall be mentioned in the notice.

     (c) It is the duty of the clerk to fix a suitable place for the holding of all meetings, and to

give notice of each meeting, both annual regular and special, by posting a notice in at least two

(2) conspicuous places within the district and at the Glocester Town Hall at least ten (10) days

before the meeting, and the notice shall contain a statement of the time and place when and where

a meeting will be held for the purpose of correcting and canvassing the voting list to be used at

the organizational, regular or special meeting, and it is the duty of the canvassers to canvass and

correct the voting list for the district.

     (d) No vote, except upon an adjournment, or in the annual election of officers, shall be

taken at any meeting of the district unless at least fifteen (15) twelve (12) electors are present at

the meeting. On demand of at least five (5) of the qualified electors of the district present at any

meeting for a ballot on any question pending at the meeting, the ballot shall be allowed; and all

votes except on motion to adjourn, or on amendment to any pending proposition, shall be

required by the moderator to be so taken, that the votes affirmative and negative may be by him

or her counted, and the results entered by the clerk on the minutes of the meeting.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.