Chapter 383

2007 -- H 6131 AS AMENDED

Enacted 07/07/07


A N  A C T



     Introduced By: Representatives Naughton, Slater, Williams, San Bento, and E Coderre

     Date Introduced: March 08, 2007


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Title 16 of the General Laws entitled "EDUCATION" is hereby amended

by adding thereto the following chapter:


     CHAPTER 86




     16-86-1. Legislative findings. -- The general assembly finds and declares as follows:

     There is a distinct shortage in Rhode Island of workers who are trained and certified to

function in direct support of individuals with developmental and/or learning disabilities who have

special needs.

     The Paul V. Sherlock Center on disabilities was established in 1993 at Rhode Island

College for the express purpose of supporting community membership for individuals with

disabilities in school, work and society.


     16-86-2. Feasibility study for academy. -- (a) The Rhode Island board of governors for

higher education (RIBGHE), working in collaboration with the office of health and human

services (OHHS) and the Rhode Island department of labor and training (RIDLT), shall conduct a

study to determine the need for and assess the feasibility of establishing a Rhode Island

community supports academy at the Paul V. Sherlock Center at Rhode Island College. This

academy would provide education and training for individuals who are interested in functioning

in direct support roles for people in Rhode Island with developmental and/or learning disabilities

that have special needs.

     (b) The feasibility study will include an analysis of need and cost analysis for a 12-18

credit certification program for entry-level workers interested in working with children and adults

with special needs. In developing this analysis, (RIBGHE), (OHHS) and (RIDLT) will consider:

     (1) the proposed coursework and supervised field placement component for the certificate


     (2) the employment needs of hospital and community-based settings; home-based

services; child and adult day care settings; school settings and other settings that may work with

adults and children who have special needs.


     16-86-3. Input of interested parties. -- (a) In conducting the feasibility study,

(RIBGHE), (OHHS) and (RIDLT) will solicit input from a variety of interested parties, including,

but not limited to:

     (1) Administration and staff of the Paul V. Sherlock Center.

     (2) Administrators and faculty from Rhode Island-based institutions of higher education

that currently offer coursework and degrees related to special needs adults and children.

     (3) Appropriate community organizations that support the advancement of special needs



     16-86-4. Reporting deadline. -- (RIBGHE), (OHHS) and (RIDLT) shall submit the

aforementioned study to the Rhode Island general assembly by February 1, 2008, with its findings

and recommendations, including an assessment of the size of the market for the certification

program, the cost and feasibility to establish the program, and, assuming the study deems it

feasible, proposed actions and recommendations to establish the Rhode Island community

supports academy at the Paul V. Sherlock Center at Rhode Island College. Following the receipt

and review of the study, the general assembly may report out a bill to begin establishment of the

academy to the regular session of the 122nd legislature.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.