2007 -- H 6582

Enacted 10/30/07



H O U S E  R E S O L U T I O N




     Introduced By: Representatives Murphy, Fox, Kilmartin, E Coderre, and Williamson

     Date Introduced: October 30, 2007



     WHEREAS, Almost five years ago, the citizens of the Ocean State became the

beneficiaries of the keen intellect, extreme patience, and abiding dedication to excellence that

William "Billy" Guglietta has brought to the position of Chief Legal Counsel to the Rhode Island

House of Representatives Majority Leader's office each and every day of his State House career;


     WHEREAS, Laying a perfect foundation to take the future challenge of a career in the

legal profession, Billy graduated from Mount Pleasant High School, and was a standout student at

the University of Rhode Island, receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. He

continued his education attaining his Juris Doctor from Catholic University of America's

Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C.; and

     WHEREAS, In 1990, Billy accepted a position as Assistant Attorney General in charge

of the narcotics unit. In 1993, he was named Legal Counsel for the House Finance Committee,

and in 1998, he returned to the AG's office as an Assistant Attorney General and the state's first

drug court prosecutor, in charge of the policy and prevention unit; and

     WHEREAS, In addition to his previous service with the Department of Attorney General,

Bill has also had prior judicial experience, serving as Cranston's part-time Municipal Court Judge

and is the Chairman of Cranston's Planning Commission; and

     WHEREAS, Held in the highest esteem by the legislature and his colleagues, Billy

possesses a calmness and clarity of mission that enables him to guide others through the often

complex process of drafting the perfect bill. On any given day he can be found striding through

the halls of the State House as he prepares the final language for legislative consideration; and

     WHEREAS, In addition to his work at the State House, Billy is a devoted family man.

His beautiful wife Judy and his ever faithful yellow labrador Jake provide him with the stability

and serenity to undergo and endure each year's legislative session, as well as survive this season's

dismal lack of success from his beloved Yankees; and

     WHEREAS, Over the years, one of Billy's enduring passions has been his association

with the University of Rhode Island. As a proud alumni and contributor, he continues to be an

avid fan of the URI Rams Basketball Team. He is also an instructor in the College of Business

Administration at the University; and

     WHEREAS, Bill Guglietta's tireless devotion to the task at hand and his legal erudition

has earned him unqualified admiration and respect, and while he will assuredly be missed at the

State House, we know that his future endeavors will ultimately strengthen and improve Rhode

Island's future, and we are truly happy for him; now, therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That this House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island and

Providence Plantations hereby recognizes and sincerely thanks William R. Guglietta for the

countless hours and all too frequent late evenings he has worked over the course of his career in

service to the General Assembly and the State of Rhode Island, We, moreover, wish "Gugs"

continued success, happiness and fulfillment as he takes the reins of the position of Chief

Magistrate of the State Traffic Tribunal; and be it further

     RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and he hereby is authorized and directed to

transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to Mr. William R. Guglietta.