Chapter 027

2011 -- S 0485

Enacted 05/27/11





     Introduced By: Senator Maryellen Goodwin

     Date Introduced: March 10, 2011


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Chapter 31-3 of the General Laws entitled "Registration of Vehicles" is

hereby amended by adding thereto the following section:


     31-3-90. Special plate for the Red Sox Foundation. -- (a) The administrator of the

division of motor vehicles is empowered to make available special motor vehicle registration

plates for passenger vehicles based upon the not-for-profit entity, the Red Sox Foundation for any

motor vehicle eligible for registration as an automobile or commercial vehicle having a gross

weight of ten thousand pounds (10,000 lbs.) or less.

     (b) The special plate shall be displayed upon the same registration number assigned to the

vehicle for which it was issued and shall be used in place of and in the same manner as the

registration plates issued to the vehicle. The original registration plates for the vehicle shall be

removed from the vehicle and the registration certificate for the plates shall be carried in the

vehicle, in accordance with section 31-3-9. The registration certificate shall be in effect for the

special plate. The administrator shall be authorized to retain newly issued plate numbers, at his or

her discretion, for the purpose of conducting auctions of the right to use and display those

numbers under such terms and conditions as the administrator may permit.

      Auction proceeds shall be apportioned and distributed for charitable purposes, in the

discretion of the administrator, in accordance with such agreements as may be entered into with

those entities holding ownership rights to the logos. The administrator is hereby authorized to

enter into agreements for the use of logos on Rhode Island registration plates.

     (c) The Red Sox Foundation motor vehicle plates shall be the same size as regular motor

vehicle plates and shall be designed in conjunction with the division of motor vehicles, with

design approval by the Rhode Island State Police.

      (d) Red Sox Foundation plates shall be subject to a minimum pre-paid order of at least

nine hundred (900) plates. Red Sox Foundation plates shall not be issued unless the minimum

order requirements are met. The initial order will be handled by the Red Sox Foundation and shall

not be submitted to the division of motor vehicles for the production until the minimum order has

been met and the proper paperwork submitted to the division. Subsequent Red Sox Foundation

plate orders will be handled by the division of motor vehicles.

     (e) The administrator of motor vehicles shall develop application forms, prepayment

procedures and any other procedures deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of this section.

     (f) In addition to the regular prescribed motor vehicle registration fee, Red Sox

Foundation plates shall be subject to a forty dollar ($40.00) issuance surcharge.

     (g) The forty dollar ($40.00) issuance surcharge shall be allocated as follows: twenty

dollars ($20.00) shall be allocated to the general fund and the remaining twenty dollars ($20.00)

shall be distributed annually to the Red Sox Foundation in furtherance of their mission of

assisting the youth and families of New England through donations that foster cultural diversity,

education, family and health.

     (h) A ten dollar ($10.00) surcharge for subsequent registration renewals shall be allocated

to the Red Sox Foundation.

     (i) In consideration of the receipt of funds from the registration of Red Sox Foundation,

the foundation must use any Rhode Island sourced funds in and for the benefit of Rhode Island

based charitable organizations.

     (j) The Red Sox Foundation will be required to submit an annual accounting report before

such monies are distributed.

     (k) There shall be no refunds for early cancellation of Red Sox Foundation plates.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.