SECTION 1. Subject to the conditions, limitations and restrictions hereinafter contained

in this act, the following general revenue amounts are hereby appropriated out of any money in

the treasury not otherwise appropriated to be expended during the fiscal year ending June 30,

2012. The amounts identified for federal funds and restricted receipts shall be made available

pursuant to section 35-4-22 and Chapter 41 of Title 42 of the Rhode Island General Laws. For

the purposes and functions hereinafter mentioned, the state controller is hereby authorized and

directed to draw his or her orders upon the general treasurer for the payment of such sums or such

portions thereof as may be required from time to time upon receipt by him or her of properly

authenticated vouchers.



     Central Management General Revenues                                          1,326,065

     Legal Services General Revenues                                                    1,825,486

     Accounts and Control General Revenues                                         3,751,998

     Budgeting General Revenues                                                           2,015,159


      General Revenues                                                                           2,445,901

      Federal Funds                                                                                 68,956

      Other Funds                                                                                    265,489

      Total - Purchasing                                                                           2,780,346

     Auditing General Revenues                                                              1,376,922

     Human Resources

      General Revenues                                                                           8,952,981

      Federal Funds                                                                                 770,374

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         426,866

      Other Funds                                                                                    1,360,618

      Total - Human Resources                                                                11,510,839

     Personnel Appeal Board General Revenues                                     73,560

     Facilities Management

      General Revenues                                                                           31,519,155

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,041,891

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         594,907

      Other Funds                                                                                    3,301,000

      Total – Facilities Management                                                          36,456,953

     Capital Projects and Property Management

      General Revenues                                                                           2,429,894

      Federal Funds - Stimulus                                                                  58,363

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,433,822

      Total – Capital Projects and Property Management                           3,922,079

     Information Technology

      General Revenues                                                                           19,949,105

      Federal Funds                                                                                 6,775,106

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         863,153

      IT Revolving Fund                                                                           1,000,000

     Other Funds                                                                                     1,792,590

      Total – Information Technology                                                        30,379,954

     Library and Information Services

      General Revenues                                                                           932,971

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,288,445

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,895

      Total – Library and Information Services                                          2,223,311


      General Revenues                                                                           4,075,067

      Federal Funds                                                                                 11,414,909

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 1,053,053

      Federal Highway - PL Systems Planning                                          5,126,163

      Air Quality Modeling                                                                       10,000

      Total - Planning                                                                               21,679,192


      General Revenues

      Economic Development Corporation                                                 4,811,811

      EDC - Airport Impact Aid                                                               1,025,000

     Sixty percent (60%) of the first $1,000,000 appropriated for airport impact aid shall be

distributed to each airport serving more than 1,000,000 passengers based upon its percentage of

the total passengers served by all airports serving more than 1,000,000 passengers. Forty percent

(40%) of the first $1,000,000 shall be distributed based on the share of landings during the

calendar year 2011 at North Central Airport, Newport-Middletown Airport, Block Island Airport,

Quonset Airport, TF Green Airport, and Westerly Airport, respectively. The Economic

Development Corporation shall make an impact payment to the towns or cities in which the

airport is located based on this calculation.

     Each community upon which any parts of the above airports are located shall receive at

least $25,000.

      EDC EPScore (Research Alliance)                                                  1,500,000

      Miscellaneous Grants                                                                       376,560

      Slater Centers of Excellence                                                            2,000,000

      Torts – Court                                                                                  400,000

      State Employees/Teachers Retiree Health Subsidy                            2,321,057

      Resource Sharing and State Library Aid                                           8,773,398

      Library Construction Aid                                                                  2,821,772

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         421,500

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Statehouse Renovations                                                                   1,500,000

      Cranston Street Armory                                                                   200,000

      Cannon Building                                                                              1,225,000

      Zambarano Building Rehabilitation                                                    848,000

      Pastore Medical Center Rehab DOA                                               1,000,000

      Old State House                                                                              500,000

      State Office Building                                                                       1,150,000

      Old Colony House                                                                           200,000

      William Powers Building                                                                  500,000

      Fire Code Compliance State Buildings                                               650,000

      Pastore Center Fire Code Compliance                                              800,000

      Pastore Center Utility Systems                                                         500,000

      Replacement of Fueling Tanks                                                         300,000

      Environmental Compliance                                                               300,000

      Pastore Utilities Upgrade                                                                 1,000,000

      Big River Management Area                                                           200,000

      Pastore Center Building Demolition                                                  2,500,000

      McCoy Stadium                                                                              500,000

      Washington County Government Center                                           1,200,000

      DoIT Operations Center                                                                  288,000

      Pastore Center Power Plant                                                             670,000

      Veterans Auditorium Repairs                                                           1,400,000

      Chapin Health Laboratory                                                                500,000

      Pastore Center Parking                                                                    225,000

      Board of Elections New Location                                                     100,000

      Building 79 Stabilization                                                                    300,000

      Interdepartmental Weapons Range                                                   150,000

      Total - General                                                                                43,157,098

     Debt Service Payments

      General Revenues                                                                           144,742,359

      Federal Funds                                                                                 743,348

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         7,634,798

      RIPTA Debt Service                                                                       1,198,372

      Transportation Debt Service                                                             46,206,772

      Investment Receipts Bond Funds                                                      100,000

      COPS - DLT Building – TDI                                                           278,848

      Total - Debt Service Payments                                                         200,904,497

     Energy Resources

      Federal Funds                                                                                 34,004,073

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 11,865,689

Restricted Receipts                                                                               7,682,130

      Total – Energy Resources                                                                53,551,892

     Undistributed Statewide Savings General Revenues                        (3,000,000)

      Grand Total - Administration                                                            413,935,351

     Business Regulation

     Central Management General Revenues                                          1,162,041

     Banking Regulation

      General Revenues                                                                           1,472,238

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         125,000

      Total - Banking Regulation                                                               1,597,238

     Securities Regulation

      General Revenues                                                                           1,051,512

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         15,000

      Total - Securities Regulation                                                             1,066,512

     Insurance Regulation

      General Revenues                                                                           4,031,865

      Federal Funds                                                                                 148,312

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,140,825

      Total - Insurance Regulation                                                            5,321,002

     Office of the Health Commissioner

      General Revenues                                                                           547,168

      Federal Funds                                                                                 6,654,961

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         10,500

      Total – Office of the Health Commissioner                                       7,212,629

     Board of Accountancy General Revenues                                        170,668

     Commercial Licensing, Racing and Athletics

      General Revenues                                                                           753,526

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         476,122

      Total - Commercial Licensing, Racing and Athletics                          1,229,648

     Boards for Design Professionals General Revenues                        247,360

      Grand Total - Business Regulation                                                    18,007,098

     Labor and Training

     Central Management

      General Revenues                                                                           113,640

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         534,274

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Center General Asset Protection                                                      208,500

      Center General Roof                                                                       770,000

Total - Central Management                                                                  1,626,414

     Workforce Development Services

      Federal Funds                                                                                 29,292,898

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         6,694,730

      Shared Youth Vision                                                                        45,900

      Total - Workforce Development Services                                         36,033,528

     Workforce Regulation and Safety General Revenues                       2,901,435

     Income Support

      General Revenues                                                                           4,163,873

      Federal Funds                                                                                 19,194,869

      Federal Funds – Stimulus - UI                                                          51,275,635

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,320,268

Temporary Disability Insurance Fund                                                      172,306,860

      Employment Security Fund                                                               273,892,146

      Total - Income Support                                                                    522,153,651

     Injured Workers Services Restricted Receipts                                 8,555,089

     Labor Relations Board General Revenues                                       396,538

      Grand Total - Labor and Training                                                     571,666,655

     Department of Revenue

     Director of Revenue Office General Revenues                                 784,261

     Office of Revenue Analysis General Revenues                                 435,910

     Lottery Division Other Funds                                                           218,537,728

     Municipal Finance

      General Revenues                                                                           1,204,490

      Central Falls Receivership                                                                698,450

      Total – Municipal Finance                                                                1,902,940


      General Revenues                                                                           17,323,623

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,348,756

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         888,899

      Other Funds

      Motor Fuel Evasion Program                                                            43,178

      Temporary Disability Insurance                                                        987,032

      Total - Taxation                                                                               20,591,488

     Registry of Motor Vehicles

      General Revenues                                                                           17,574,304

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,287,303

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         15,100

      Total – Registry of Motor Vehicles                                                   18,876,707

     State Aid

      General Revenues

      Distressed Communities Relief Fund                                                 10,384,458

      Payment in Lieu of Tax Exempt Properties                                       33,080,409

      Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Payments                                                10,000,000

      Property Revaluation Program                                                         1,125,000

Restricted Receipts

      Car Rental Tax/Surcharge – Warwick Share                                    957,497

Total – State Aid                                                                                   55,547,364

      Grand Total – Revenue                                                                    316,676,398


      General Revenues                                                                           36,548,053

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,649,199

      Grand Total - Legislature                                                                 38,197,252

     Lieutenant Governor

      General Revenues                                                                           965,940

      Federal Funds                                                                                 124,232

      Grand Total – Lieutenant Governor                                                  1,090,172

     Secretary of State

     Administration General Revenues                                                    2,056,734

     Corporations General Revenues                                                      1,891,380

     State Archives

      General Revenues                                                                           79,385

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         496,548

      Total - State Archives                                                                      575,933

     Elections and Civics

      General Revenues                                                                           1,432,530

     State Library

      General Revenues                                                                           581,844

     Office of Public Information

      General Revenues                                                                           334,439

      Grand Total - Secretary of State                                                       6,872,860

     General Treasurer


      General Revenues                                                                           2,190,137

Federal Funds                                                                                       279,741

      Temporary Disability Insurance Fund                                                227,589

      Total – Treasury                                                                             2,697,467

     State Retirement System

      Restricted Receipts

      Administrative Expenses - State Retirement System                          11,062,057

      Retirement - Treasury Investment Operations                                   1,060,744

      Total - State Retirement System                                                       12,122,801

     Unclaimed Property Restricted Receipts                                          15,940,148

     Crime Victim Compensation Program

      General Revenues                                                                           110,715

      Federal Funds                                                                                 848,310

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,481,135

      Total - Crime Victim Compensation Program                                    2,440,160

      Grand Total - General Treasurer                                                      33,200,576

     Board of Elections

      General Revenues                                                                           1,825,905

      Federal Funds                                                                                 50,000

      Grand Total - Board of Elections                                                      1,875,905

     Rhode Island Ethics Commission General Revenues                     1,560,008

     Office of Governor

      General Revenues                                                                           4,088,521

      Contingency Fund                                                                            250,000

      Federal Funds                                                                                 139,898

      Restricted Receipts - OERR                                                            777,676

      Grand Total - Office of Governor                                                     5,256,095

     Commission for Human Rights

      General Revenues                                                                           1,154,038

      Federal Funds                                                                                 301,532

      Grand Total – Commission for Human Rights                                    1,455,570

     Public Utilities Commission

      Federal Funds                                                                                 109,394

      Federal Funds - Stimulus                                                                  199,979

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         7,795,633

      Grand Total - Public Utilities Commission                                          8,105,006

     Office of Health and Human Services

      General Revenues                                                                           9,773,834

      Federal Funds                                                                                 6,250,134

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         904,712

      Total – Health and Human Services                                                 16,928,680

     Children, Youth, and Families

     Central Management

      General Revenues

      Information Systems                                                                        1,033,309

      Office of Budget                                                                             341,958

      Office of the Director                                                                      889,249

      Support Services                                                                             2,430,044

      Federal Funds

      Information Systems                                                                        390,275

      Office of Budget                                                                             427,922

      Support Services                                                                             881,243

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         301,122

      Total - Central Management                                                            6,695,122

     Children's Behavioral Health Services

      General Revenues

      Children’s Mental Health                                                                 10,088,177

      Local Coordinating Council                                                              730,119

Federal Funds

      Educational Services                                                                        1,733,352

      Children’s Mental Health                                                                 8,489,226

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      NAFI Center                                                                                  530,000

      Mt. Hope – Building Faηade                                                            275,000

      Various Repairs and Improvements                                                  900,000

      Total - Children's Behavioral Health Services                                    22,745,874

     Juvenile Correctional Services

      General Revenues

      Institutional Services                                                                        16,605,460

      Juvenile Probation and Parole                                                           10,132,890

      RITS Education Program                                                                 3,746,798

      Federal Funds

      Institutional Services                                                                        64,000

      Juvenile Probation and Parole                                                           1,709,531

      RITS Education Program                                                                 156,977

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 386,667

      Total - Juvenile Correctional Services                                               32,802,323

     Child Welfare

      General Revenues

      18 to 21 Year Olds                                                                          12,358,817

      Board and Care                                                                               45,396,579

      Community Services                                                                        3,177,072

      Family Services                                                                               16,904,520

      Foster Care                                                                                     11,092,453

      Prevention Services                                                                         2,324

      Protective Services                                                                          10,069,214

      Federal Funds

      18 to 21 Year Olds                                                                          2,501,548

      Board and Care                                                                               23,612,189

      Community Services                                                                        3,730,450

      Foster Care                                                                                     5,099,091

      Prevention Services                                                                         1,404,420

      Protective Services                                                                          9,039,102

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         3,088,174

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Camp E-Hun-Tee                                                                            85,000

      Fire Code Upgrades                                                                        1,000,000

Total - Child Welfare                                                                 148,560,953

     Higher Education Incentive Grants General Revenues                    200,000

      Grand Total - Children, Youth, and Families                                      211,004,272


     Central Management

      General Revenues                                                                           1,352,631

      Federal Funds                                                                                 10,192,986

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         3,511,068

      Total - Central Management                                                            15,056,685

     State Medical Examiner

      General Revenues                                                                           2,012,467

      Federal Funds                                                                                 237,653

      Total - State Medical Examiner                                                        2,250,120

     Environmental and Health Services Regulation

      General Revenues                                                                           8,511,059

      Federal Funds                                                                                 5,379,236

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         4,375,400

      Total - Environmental and Health Services Regulation                       18,265,695

     Health Laboratories

      General Revenues                                                                           6,016,806

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,526,065

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 257,946

      Total - Health Laboratories                                                              7,800,817

     Public Health Information

      General Revenues                                                                           1,599,404

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,370,411

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 541,916

      Total – Public Health Information                                                     3,511,731

     Community and Family Health and Equity

      General Revenues                                                                           2,623,954

      Federal Funds                                                                                 33,750,847

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 2,878,814

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         18,871,386

      Safe And Active Commuting                                                            63,400

      Total – Community and Family Health and Equity                              58,188,401

     Infectious Disease and Epidemiology

      General Revenues                                                                           2,131,704

      Federal Funds                                                                                 2,868,679

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 119,986

      Total – Infectious Disease and Epidemiology                                     5,120,369

      Grand Total - Health                                                                        110,193,818

     Human Services

     Central Management

      General Revenues                                                                           5,683,745

      Federal Funds                                                                                 5,364,162

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         499,999

      Total - Central Management                                                            11,547,906

     Child Support Enforcement

      General Revenues                                                                           2,214,781

      Federal Funds                                                                                 6,140,841

      Total – Child Support Enforcement                                                   8,355,622

     Individual and Family Support

      General Revenues                                                                           22,498,106

      Federal Funds                                                                                 100,790,474

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         180,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Blind Vending Facilities                                                                    165,000

      Intermodal Surface Transportation Fund                                           4,252,279

      Total - Individual and Family Support                                                127,885,859

     Veterans' Affairs

      General Revenues                                                                           18,568,043

      Federal Funds                                                                                 8,005,072

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,643,512

      Total - Veterans' Affairs                                                                  28,216,627

     Health Care Quality, Financing and Purchasing

      General Revenues                                                                           18,551,887

      Federal Fund                                                                                   40,761,367

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         60,000

      Total - Health Care Quality, Financing & Purchasing                         59,373,254

     Medical Benefits

      General Revenues

      Managed Care                                                                                290,019,801

      Hospitals                                                                                         114,309,330

      Nursing Facilities                                                                             162,645,787

      Home and Community Based Services                                             32,834,071

      Other                                                                                              43,965,644

      Pharmacy                                                                                       51,048,438

      Rhody Health                                                                                  91,145,473

      Federal Funds

      Managed Care                                                                                330,298,050

      Hospitals                                                                                         126,062,520

      Nursing Facilities                                                                             178,545,292

      Home and Community Based Services                                             41,294,467

      Other                                                                                              62,922,375

      Pharmacy                                                                                       5,076,010

      Rhody Health                                                                                  100,055,369

      Special Education                                                                            20,837,655

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         11,133,995

      Total - Medical Benefits                                                                  1,662,194,277

     Supplemental Security Income Program General Revenues             18,000,600

     Rhode Island Works

      General Revenues

      Child Care                                                                                      9,668,635

      Federal Funds                                                                                 76,471,915

      Total – Rhode Island Works                                                             86,140,550

     State Funded Programs

      General Revenues

      General Public Assistance                                                                2,491,925

      Of this appropriation, $210,000 shall be used towards hardship contingency payments.

      Federal Funds                                                                                 299,218,512

      Total - State Funded Programs                                                         301,710,437

     Elderly Affairs

      General Revenues

      General Revenues                                                                           9,109,749

      RIPAE                                                                                           374,000

      Care and Safety of the Elderly                                                         1,287

      Federal Funds                                                                                 17,769,466

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         572,091

      Total – Elderly Affairs                                                                     27,826,593

      Grand Total - Human Services                                                         2,331,251,725

     Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals

     Central Management

      General Revenues                                                                           829,195

      Federal Funds                                                                                 320,449

      Total - Central Management                                                            1,149,644

     Hospital and Community System Support

      General Revenues                                                                           2,435,629

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         435,237

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Medical Center Rehabilitation                                                           750,000

      Community Facilities Fire Code                                                        750,000

      Total – Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals 4,370,866

     Services for the Developmentally Disabled

      General Revenues                                                                           97,336,360

      Federal Funds                                                                                 110,679,602

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         2,006,522

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      DD Private Waiver                                                                         909,832

      Regional Center Repair/Rehabilitation                                               750,000

      MR Community Facilities/Access to Independence                            1,000,000

      Total - Services for the Developmentally Disabled                             212,682,316

     Behavioral Healthcare Services

      General Revenues                                                                           36,009,986

      Federal Funds                                                                                 71,517,483

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         90,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      MH Community Facilities Repairs                                                    300,000

      MH Housing Development-Thresholds                                             500,000

      MH Residences Furniture                                                                25,000

      Substance Abuse Asset Protection                                                   300,000

      Total – Behavioral Healthcare Services                                            108,742,469

     Hospital and Community Rehabilitation Services

      General Revenues                                                                           47,638,399

      Federal Funds                                                                                 42,972,413

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         5,466,220

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Zambarano Buildings and Utilities                                                     500,000

      Hospital Consolidation                                                                      16,000,000

      MR Community Facilities                                                                 1,100,000

      BHDDH Administrative Building                                                      500,000

      Total - Hospital and Community Rehabilitation Services                     114,177,032

      Grand Total – Behavioral, Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities

      and Hospitals                                                                                  441,122,327

     Office of the Child Advocate

      General Revenues                                                                           603,384

      Federal Funds                                                                                 49,048

      Grand Total – Office of the Child Advocate                                      652,432

     Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing General Revenues 387,985

     Governor's Commission on Disabilities

      General Revenues                                                                           388,786

      Federal Funds                                                                                 181,842

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         9,264

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Facility Renovation – Handicapped Accessibility                               250,000

      Grand Total - Governor's Commission on Disabilities                         829,892

     Office of the Mental Health Advocate General Revenues              468,718

     Elementary and Secondary Education

     Administration of the Comprehensive Education Strategy

      General Revenues                                                                           17,184,938

      Federal Funds                                                                                 191,187,703

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 21,536,413

      Education Jobs Fund                                                                        5,248,761

      RITT LEA Share                                                                            12,850,155

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,111,416

      HRIC Adult Education Grants                                                          5,795,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Chariho Career and Technical                                                          400,000

      Cranston Career and Technical                                                        890,000

      Newport Career and Technical                                                        800,000

      Warwick Career and Technical                                                        200,000

      Woonsocket Career and Technical                                                   475,788

      East Providence Career and Technical                                             150,000

      Total – Administration of the Comprehensive Education Strategy       257,830,174

     Davies Career and Technical School

      General Revenues                                                                           13,416,256

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,439,216

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 1,003,933

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         685,495

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Davies Roof Repair                                                                         387,275

      Davies HVAC                                                                                414,628

      Davies Asset Protection                                                                  425,000

      Total - Davies Career and Technical School                                      17,771,803

     RI School for the Deaf

      General Revenues                                                                           5,889,334

      Federal Funds                                                                                 275,393

      Restricted Receipt                                                                           651,482

      Total - RI School for the Deaf                                                          6,816,209

     Metropolitan Career and Technical School

      General Revenues                                                                           11,642,563

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      MET School East Bay                                                                     2,000,000

      Total - Metropolitan Career and Technical School                             13,642,563

     Education Aid

      General Revenues                                                                           621,639,790

      Federal Funds - Stimulus                                                                  3,515,045

      Restricted Receipt                                                                           18,091,028

      Total – Education Aid                                                                      643,245,863

     Central Falls School District

      General Revenues                                                                           39,161,820

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 1,089,396

      Permanent School Fund – Central Falls                                             183,624

      Total - Central Falls School District                                                  40,434,840

     Housing Aid General Revenues                                                        72,507,180

     Teachers’ Retirement General Revenues                                          81,635,719

      Grand Total - Elementary and Secondary Education                          1,133,884,351

     Public Higher Education

     Board of Governors/Office of Higher Education

      General Revenues                                                                           6,141,012

      Federal Funds                                                                                 4,588,294

      Total – Board of Governors/Office of Higher Education                    10,729,306

     University of Rhode Island

      General Revenues                                                                           57,773,316

      State Crime Lab                                                                              775,000

      Debt Service                                                                                   15,164,218

      Stimulus – Byrne Grant Crime Lab                                                   6,462

      University and College Funds                                                           586,841,049

      Debt - Dining Services                                                                     1,144,008

      Debt - Educational and General                                                        3,292,622

      Debt - Health Services                                                                    150,299

      Debt - Housing Loan Funds                                                             8,462,539

      Debt - Memorial Union                                                                    121,827

      Debt - Ryan Center                                                                         2,800,626

      Debt - Alton Jones Services                                                             115,886

      Debt - Parking Authority                                                                  1,018,369

      Debt – Sponsored Research (Ind. Cost)                                            102,388

      Debt - URI Energy Conservation                                                     1,932,338

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Asset Protection                                                                              7,042,364

      New Chemistry Building                                                                  1,000,000

      URI Biotechnology Center                                                               4,500,000

      Fine Arts Center Renovation                                                            400,000

      Total – University of Rhode Island                                                   692,643,311

     Notwithstanding the provisions of section 35-3-15 of the general laws, all unexpected or

unencumbered balances as of June 30, 2012 relating to the University of Rhode Island are hereby

reappropriated to fiscal year 2013.

     Rhode Island College

      General Revenues                                                                           38,359,719

      Debt Service                                                                                   1,978,374

      University and College Funds                                                           107,550,237

      Debt - Education and General                                                          890,878

      Debt - Housing                                                                                413,346

      Debt - Student Center and Dining                                                     172,960

      Debt - Student Union                                                                       231,531

      Debt - G.O. Debt Service                                                                1,623,984

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Asset Protection                                                                              3,011,160

      Art Center Renovation/Addition                                                       1,300,000

      Total – Rhode Island College                                                           155,532,189

     Notwithstanding the provisions of section 35-3-15 of the general laws, all unexpected or

unencumbered balances as of June 30, 2012 relating to the Rhode Island College are hereby

reappropriated to fiscal year 2013.

     Community College of Rhode Island

      General Revenues                                                                           44,619,462

      Debt Service                                                                                   1,676,118

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         941,338

      University and College Funds                                                           88,671,187

      Debt – Bookstore                                                                            24,830

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Asset Protection                                                                              2,007,101

      Total – Community College of Rhode Island                                      137,940,036

     Notwithstanding the provisions of section 35-3-15 of the general laws, all unexpected or

unencumbered balances as of June 30, 2012 relating to the Community College of Rhode Island

are hereby reappropriated to fiscal year 2013.

      Grand Total – Public Higher Education                                             996,844,842

     RI State Council on the Arts

      General Revenues

      Operating Support                                                                           716,635

      Grants                                                                                            962,227

      Federal Funds                                                                                 973,064

      Art for Public Facilities                                                                    435,000

      Grand Total - RI State Council on the Arts                                        3,086,926

     RI Atomic Energy Commission

      General Revenues                                                                           879,592

      Federal Funds                                                                                 324,104

      URI Sponsored Research                                                                257,830

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      RINSC Asset Protection                                                                  50,000

      Grand Total - RI Atomic Energy Commission                                    1,511,526

     RI Higher Education Assistance Authority

      General Revenues

      Needs Based Grants and Work Opportunities                                    5,014,003

      Authority Operations and Other Grants                                             899,101

      Federal Funds                                                                                 13,508,323

      Other Funds

      Tuition Savings Program – Needs Based Grants & Work Op.            7,250,000

      Tuition Savings Program – Administration                                         740,720

      Grand Total – RI Higher Education Assistance Authority                   27,412,147

     RI Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission

      General Revenues                                                                           1,469,797

      Federal Funds                                                                                 846,195

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         478,181

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Eisenhower House Asset Protection                                                 75,000

      Grand Total - RI Historical Pres. and Heritage Comm.                      2,869,173

     RI Public Telecommunications Authority

      General Revenues                                                                           947,960

      Corporation for Public Broadcasting                                                 683,212

      Grand Total – RI Public Telecommunications Authority                     1,631,172

     Attorney General


      General Revenues                                                                           13,739,364

      Federal Funds                                                                                 2,870,904

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         398,888

      Total - Criminal                                                                               17,009,156


      General Revenues                                                                           4,692,836

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         723,347

      Total - Civil                                                                                     5,416,183

     Bureau of Criminal Identification

      General Revenues                                                                           1,101,532

      Federal Funds                                                                                 25,040

      Total – Bureau of Criminal Identification                                           1,126,572


      General Revenues                                                                           2,909,135

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Building Renovations and Repairs                                                     250,000

      Total - General                                                                                3,159,135

      Grand Total - Attorney General                                                        26,711,046


     Central Management General Revenues                                          8,596,603

     Parole Board

      General Revenues                                                                           1,365,771

      Federal Funds                                                                                 36,850

      Total - Parole Board                                                                        1,402,621

     Institutional Corrections

      General Revenues                                                                           157,573,034

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,911,173

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 408,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Women's Bathroom Renovations                                                      410,800

      Asset Protection                                                                              4,250,000

      Maximum – General Renovations                                                     625,000

      General Renovations – Women’s                                                     1,774,517

      ISC Exterior Envelope and HVAC                                                   1,400,000

      Minimum Security Kitchen Ex          `                                               325,000

      Medium Infrastructure                                                                     1,500,000

      Total - Institutional Corrections                                                         170,177,524

     Community Corrections

      General Revenues                                                                           14,605,957

      Federal Funds                                                                                 558,522

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         34,371

      Total – Community Corrections                                                        15,198,850

      Grand Total - Corrections                                                                195,375,598


     Supreme Court

      General Revenues                                                                           26,325,441

      Defense of Indigents                                                                       3,562,240

      Federal Funds                                                                                 341,723

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,359,947

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Judicial HVAC                                                                                500,000

      Judicial Complexes Asset Protection                                                 600,000

      Total - Supreme Court                                                                     32,689,351

     Judicial Tenure and Discipline General Revenues                           111,282

     Superior Court

      General Revenues                                                                           20,865,210

      Federal Funds                                                                                 72,985

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         498,996

      Total - Superior Court                                                                      21,437,191

     Family Court

      General Revenues                                                                           17,533,090

      Federal Funds                                                                                 2,974,141

      Federal Funds Stimulus                                                                    57,611

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         252,350

      Total - Family Court                                                                        20,817,192

     District Court

      General Revenues                                                                           10,924,545

      Federal Funds                                                                                 130,128

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         332,092

      Total - District Court                                                                       11,386,765

     Traffic Tribunal General Revenues                                                  7,752,175

     Workers' Compensation Court Restricted Receipts                          7,754,978

      Grand Total - Judiciary                                                                    101,948,934

     Military Staff

     National Guard

      General Revenues                                                                           1,446,301

      Federal Funds                                                                                 11,675,448

      Restricted Funds                                                                             235,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Armory of Mounted Command                                                         750,000

      State Armories Fire Code Compliance                                              170,000

      Federal Armories Fire Code Compliance                                           53,750

      Asset Protection                                                                              400,000

      Logistics/Maintenance Facilities Fire Code Compliance                      71,813

      Command Readiness Center Addition                                               50,000

      Emergency Management Build                                                         125,000

      Total - National Guard                                                                     14,977,312

     Emergency Management

      General Revenues                                                                           2,024,627

      Federal Funds                                                                                 17,742,990

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         374,311

      Total - Emergency Management                                                      20,141,928

      Grand Total - Military Staff                                                              35,119,240

     Public Safety

     Central Management

      General Revenues                                                                           780,113

      Federal Funds                                                                                 4,122,042

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 266,476

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         850

      Total – Central Management                                                            5,169,481

     E-911 Emergency Telephone System General Revenues                   4,772,358

     State Fire Marshal

      General Revenues                                                                           2,568,574

      Federal Funds                                                                                 450,050

      Restricted Funds                                                                             280,899

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Fire Academy                                                                                 1,325,000

      Quonset Development Corporation                                                   64,261

      Total - State Fire Marshal                                                                4,688,784

     Security Services General Revenues                                                19,963,594

     Municipal Police Training Academy

      General Revenues                                                                           352,118

      Federal Funds                                                                                 221,319

      Federal Funds - Stimulus                                                                  86,061

      Total - Municipal Police Training Academy                                       659,498

     State Police

      General Revenues                                                                           60,970,954

      Federal Funds                                                                                 2,356,399

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 145,641

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         54,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Barracks and Training                                                                     1,025,000

      Headquarters Repairs/Rehabilitation                                                 200,000

      State Microwave Upgrade                                                               1,000,000

      HQ Expansion                                                                                 300,000

      Traffic Enforcement - Municipal Training                                         133,842

      Lottery Commission Assistance                                                        232,363

      Airport Corporation                                                                         232,363

      Road Construction Reimbursement                                                   2,546,100

      Total - State Police                                                                          69,196,662

      Grand Total – Public Safety                                                             104,450,377

     Office of Public Defender

      General Revenues                                                                           10,300,580

      Federal Funds                                                                                 575,478

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 883

      Grand Total - Office of Public Defender                                           10,876,941

     Environmental Management

     Office of the Director

      General Revenues                                                                           4,775,428

      Federal Funds                                                                                 476,300

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         2,833,219

      Total – Office of the Director                                                          8,084,947

     Natural Resources

      General Revenues                                                                           18,508,312

      Federal Funds                                                                                 24,455,444

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         3,779,269

      DOT Recreational Projects                                                              80,672

      Blackstone Bike Path Design                                                           36,270

      Transportation MOU                                                                       82,172

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Dam Repair                                                                                    850,000

      Recreational Facilities Improvements                                                1,750,000

      Fort Adams Rehabilitation                                                                1,500,000

      Galilee Piers Upgrade                                                                      950,000

      Newport Piers                                                                                 250,000

      Blackstone Valley Bike Path                                                            500,000

      Total - Natural Resources                                                                52,742,139

     Environmental Protection

      General Revenues                                                                           12,099,861

      Federal Funds                                                                                 12,576,798

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 848,000

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         7,518,547

      Transportation - MOU                                                                     90,107

      Retrofit Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles                                                3,560,000

      Total - Environmental Protection                                                      36,693,313

      Grand Total - Environmental Management                                        97,520,399

     Coastal Resources Management Council

      General Revenues                                                                           2,236,814

      Federal Funds                                                                                 1,837,361

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 201,100

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         250,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      South Coast Restoration Project                                                       729,100

      Grand Total – Coastal Resources Management Council                     5,254,375


     Central Management

      Federal Funds                                                                                 11,394,390

      Other Funds

      Gasoline Tax                                                                                   1,108,923

      Total - Central Management                                                            12,503,313

     Management and Budget

      Other Funds

      Gasoline Tax                                                                                   1,176,686

      Total - Management and Budget                                                      1,176,686

     Infrastructure – Engineering – Garvee/Motor Fuel Tax Bonds

      Federal Funds                                                                                 291,594,814

      Federal Funds – Stimulus                                                                 7,006,375

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         1,000,000

      Other Funds

      Gasoline Tax                                                                                   52,273,807

      Land Sale Revenue                                                                         16,603,398

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      RIPTA Land and Buildings                                                              70,000

      Total - Infrastructure – Engineering – Garvee/Motor Fuel Tax Bonds 368,548,394

     Infrastructure Maintenance

      Gasoline Tax                                                                                   41,451,540

      Non-land Surplus Property                                                               10,000

      Outdoor Advertising                                                                        100,000

      Rhode Island Capital Plan Funds

      Cherry Hill/Lincoln Facility                                                               337,000

      Maintenance Facility Improvements                                                  300,000

      Maintenance Facilities – Fire Alarms                                                125,000

      Portsmouth Facility                                                                          1,435,000

      Salt Storage Facilities                                                                       1,000,000

      Total - Infrastructure Maintenance                                                   44,758,540

      Grand Total - Transportation                                                            426,986,933

     Statewide Totals

      General Revenues                                                                           3,142,501,188

      Federal Funds                                                                                 2,606,487,980

      Restricted Receipts                                                                         189,639,221

      Other Funds                                                                                    1,763,594,386

      Statewide Grand Total                                                                     7,702,222,775


     SECTION 2. Each line appearing in Section 1 of this Article shall constitute an



     SECTION 3. Upon the transfer of any function of a department or agency to another

department or agency, the Governor is hereby authorized by means of executive order to transfer

or reallocate, in whole or in part, the appropriations and the full-time equivalent limits affected



     SECTION 4. From the appropriation for contingency shall be paid such sums as may be

required at the discretion of the Governor to fund expenditures for which appropriations may not

exist. Such contingency funds may also be used for expenditures in the several departments and

agencies where appropriations are insufficient, or where such requirements are due to unforeseen

conditions or are non-recurring items of an unusual nature. Said appropriations may also be used

for the payment of bills incurred due to emergencies or to any offense against public peace and

property, in accordance with the provisions of Titles 11 and 45 of the General Laws of 1956, as

amended. All expenditures and transfers from this account shall be approved by the Governor.


     SECTION 5. The general assembly authorizes the state controller to establish the

internal service accounts shown below, and no other, to finance and account for the operations of

state agencies that provide services to other agencies, institutions and other governmental units on

a cost reimbursed basis. The purpose of these accounts is to ensure that certain activities are

managed in a businesslike manner, promote efficient use of services by making agencies pay the

full costs associated with providing the services, and allocate the costs of central administrative

services across all fund types, so that federal and other non-general fund programs share in the

costs of general government support. The controller is authorized to reimburse these accounts

for the cost of work or services performed for any other department or agency subject to the

following expenditure limitations:


            Account                                                                                   Expenditure Limit


     State Assessed Fringe Benefit Internal Service Fund                          31,054,962

     Administration Central Utilities Internal Service Fund                          20,244,491

     State Central Mail Internal Service Fund                                            5,585,439

     State Telecommunications Internal Service Fund                                2,882,141

     State Automotive Fleet Internal Service Fund                                     13,926,504

     Capital Police Internal Service Fund                                                  739,072

     Surplus Property Internal Service Fund                                              2,500

     Health Insurance Internal Service Fund                                             306,399,745

     Corrections General Services & Warehouse Internal Service Fund      6,804,849

     Correctional Industries Internal Service Fund                                     7,285,903

     Secretary of State Record Center Internal Service Fund                     866,270


     SECTION 6. The General Assembly may provide a written "statement of legislative

intent" signed by the chairperson of the House Finance Committee and by the chairperson of the

Senate Finance Committee to show the intended purpose of the appropriations contained in

Section 1 of this Article. The statement of legislative intent shall be kept on file in the House

Finance Committee and in the Senate Finance Committee.

     At least twenty (20) days prior to the issuance of a grant or the release of funds, which

grant or funds are listed on the legislative letter of intent, all department, agency and corporation

directors, shall notify in writing the chairperson of the House Finance Committee and the

chairperson of the Senate Finance Committee of the approximate date when the funds are to be

released or granted.


     SECTION 7. Appropriation of Temporary Disability Insurance Funds -- There is hereby

appropriated pursuant to sections 28-39-5 and 28-39-8 of the Rhode Island General Laws all

funds required to be disbursed for the benefit payments from the Temporary Disability Insurance

Fund and Temporary Disability Insurance Reserve Fund for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.


     SECTION 8. Appropriation of Employment Security Funds -- There is hereby

appropriated pursuant to section 28-42-19 of the Rhode Island General Laws all funds required to

be disbursed for benefit payments from the Employment Security Fund for the fiscal year ending

June 30, 2012.


     SECTION 9. For the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2012, the Rhode Island Housing and

Mortgage Finance Corporation shall provide from its resources a minimum of one million five

hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) in support of the Neighborhood Opportunities Program.

The Corporation shall provide a report detailing the amount of funding provided to this program,

as well as information on the number of units of housing provided as a result to the Director of

Administration, the Chair of the Housing Resources Commission, the Chair of the House Finance

Committee, the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee and the State Budget Officer.


     SECTION 10. Appropriation of Lottery Division Funds – There is hereby appropriated

to the Lottery Division any funds required to be disbursed by the Lottery Division for the

purposes of paying commissions or transfers to the prize fund for the fiscal year ending June 30,



     SECTION 11. Departments and agencies listed below may not exceed the number of full-

time equivalent (FTE) positions shown below in any pay period. Full-time equivalent positions

do not include seasonal or intermittent positions whose scheduled period of employment does not

exceed twenty-six consecutive weeks or whose scheduled hours do not exceed nine hundred and

twenty-five (925) hours, excluding overtime, in a one-year period. Nor do they include

individuals engaged in training, the completion of which is a prerequisite of employment.

Provided, however, that the Governor or designee, Speaker of the House of Representatives or

designee, and the President of the Senate or designee may authorize an adjustment to any

limitation. Prior to the authorization, the State Budget Officer shall make a detailed written

recommendation to the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the President of the Senate. A

copy of the recommendation and authorization to adjust shall be transmitted to the chairman of

the House Finance Committee, Senate Finance Committee, the House Fiscal Advisor and the

Senate Fiscal Advisor.

     No agency or department may employ contracted employees or employee services where

the contracted employees would work under state employee supervisors without determination of

need by the Director of Administration acting upon positive recommendations of the Budget

Officer and the Personnel Administrator and 15 days after a public hearing.

     Nor may any agency or department contract for services replacing work done by state

employees at that time without determination of need by the Director of Administration acting

upon the positive recommendations of the Budget Officer and the Personnel Administrator and 30

days after a public hearing.

     State employees whose funding is from non-state general revenue funds that are time

limited shall receive limited term appointment with the term limited to the availability of non-

state general revenue funding source.




     Departments and Agencies                                                               Full-Time Equivalent

     Administration                                                                                  694.6

     Business Regulation                                                                          96.0

     Labor and Training                                                                           470.2

     Revenue                                                                                          434.5

     Legislature                                                                                       298.5

     Office of the Lieutenant Governor                                                     8.0

     Office of the Secretary of State                                                        57.0

     Office of the General Treasurer                                                        82.0

     Board of Elections                                                                            12.0

     Rhode Island Ethics Commission                                                       12.0

     Office of the Governor                                                                     45.0

     Commission for Human Rights                                                          14.5

     Public Utilities Commission                                                               46.0

     Office of Health and Human Services                                               149.0

     Children, Youth, and Families                                                            662.5

     Health                                                                                             426.3

     Human Services                                                                               984.2

     Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals         1,378.2

     Office of the Child Advocate                                                            5.8

     Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing                                         3.0

     Governor’s Commission on Disabilities                                               4.0

     Office of the Mental Health Advocate                                               3.7

     Elementary and Secondary Education                                                156.4

     School for the Deaf                                                                          60.0

     Davies Career and Technical School                                                 132.0

     Office of Higher Education                                                               14.4

     Provided that 1.0 of the total authorization would be available only for positions that are

supported by third-party funds.

     University of Rhode Island                                                                2,436.5

     Provided that 593.2 of the total authorization would be available only for positions that

are supported by third-party funds.

     Rhode Island College                                                                        909.6

     Provided that 82.0 of the total authorization would be available only for positions that are

supported by third-party funds.

     Community College of Rhode Island                                                  854.1

     Provided that 100.0 of the total authorization would be available only for positions that

are supported by third-party funds.

     Rhode Island State Council on the Arts                                              8.6

     RI Atomic Energy Commission                                                         8.6

     Higher Education Assistance Authority                                              41.6

     Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission                               16.6

     Public Telecommunications Authority                                                15.0

     Office of the Attorney General                                                          231.1

     Corrections                                                                                      1,419.0

     Judiciary                                                                                          723.3

     Military Staff                                                                                    117.0

     Public Safety                                                                                    605.8

     Office of the Public Defender                                                           93.0

     Environmental Management                                                              410.0

     Coastal Resources Management Council                                           30.0

     Transportation                                                                                  772.6

     Total                                                                                               14,942.2


     SECTION 12. The amounts reflected in this Article include the appropriation of Rhode

Island Capital Plan funds for fiscal year 2011 and supersede appropriations provided for FY 2011

within Section 12 of Article 1 of Chapter 68 of the P.L. of 2009.

     The following amounts are hereby appropriated out of any money in the State’s Rhode

Island Capital Plan Fund not otherwise appropriated to be expended during the fiscal years ending

June 30, 2013, June 30, 2014, June 30, 2015, and June 30, 2016. These amounts supersede

appropriations provided within Section 12 of Article 1 of Chapter 23 of the P.L. of 2010. For the

purposes and functions hereinafter mentioned, the State Controller is hereby authorized and

directed to draw his or her orders upon the General Treasurer for the payment of such sums and

such portions thereof as may be required by him or her upon receipt of properly authenticated



                                    Fiscal Yr           Fiscal Yr           Fiscal Yr           Fiscal Yr

     Project                     June 30, 2013    June 30, 2014    June 30, 2015    June 30, 2016

     DOA-Pastore Utilities

      Upgrade                 $2,000,000         $2,000,000                   $0                      $0

     DOA-State House

      Renovations            3,000,000          4,500,000          4,500,000                      0

     DCYF-Fire Code Upgrades-

      Group Homes          1,000,000                      0                      0                      0

     ELSEC-Met. Career and Tech –

      East Bay                 3,600,000          2,580,000                      0                      0

     Higher Ed-Asset Protection-

      CCRI                     2,050,000          2,093,500          2,138,305          2,184,100

     Higher Ed-Asset Protection-

      RIC                        3,075,000          3,143,250          3,213,548          3,285,400

     Higher Ed-Asset Protection-

      URI                        7,200,000          7,357,500          7,520,000          7,686,900

     HPHC-Eisenhower House Asset

      Protection               32,500               70,000               45,300                   50,000

     DOC Asset Protection 4,250,000       3,500,000          3,000,000          3,000,000

     Judicial-Asset Protection 625,000      650,000             675,000                700,000

     Mil Staff-Asset Protection 500,000    500,000             500,000                500,000

     DEM-Dam Repairs 1,000,000           550,000             550,000                500,000

     DEM-Recreation Facility

      Improvements         1,590,000          1,390,000          1,500,000             600,000

     DOT-Highway Projects

      Match Plan                         0          20,000,000         20,000,000         20,000,000


     SECTION 13. Reappropriation of Funding for Rhode Island Capital Plan Fund Projects.-

     Any unexpended and unencumbered funds from Rhode Island Capital Plan Fund project

appropriations shall be reappropriated in the ensuing fiscal year and made available for the same

purpose. However, any such reappropriations are subject to final approval by the General

Assembly as part of the supplemental appropriations act. Any unexpended funds of less than five

hundred dollars ($500) shall be reappropriated at the discretion of the State Budget Officer.


     SECTION 14. Extension of previous authorizations.- The general assembly, pursuant to

the provisions of section 35-8-25 of the general laws, hereby extends to the termination date

contained herein the authority to issue the following general obligation bond authorization in the

amount stated. The original authorization enacted by public law and approved by the people that

remain unissued as of January 1, 2011 is as follows:



                                                                        Amount to be


     Purpose                                           Statutory Reference      Extended          Termination Date

     Preservation, Recreation & Heritage Ch. 65-PL of 2002         $1,200,000         June 30, 2014

     Emergency Water Interconnect         Ch. 595-P.L. of 2004     $5,020,000         Nov. 2, 2014

     Open Space Recreation, Bay

      & Watershed Protection                  Ch. 595 P.L. of 2004 as $21,885,000       Nov. 2, 2014


     SECTION 15. Notwithstanding any provisions of Chapter 19 in Title 23 of the Rhode

Island General Laws, the Resource Recovery Corporation shall transfer to the State Controller the

sum of three million five hundred thousand dollars ($3,500,000) by June 30, 2012.


      SECTION 16. This Article shall take effect as of July 1, 2011.