Chapter 440

2013 -- H 6327

Enacted 07/16/13





     Introduced By: Representatives Baldelli-Hunt, Casey, and Phillips

     Date Introduced: July 02, 2013


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Chapter 31-3 of the General Laws entitled "Registration of Vehicles" is

hereby amended by adding thereto the following section:


     31-3-95. Special plate for Woonsocket high school arts and athletics. (a) The

administrator of the division of motor vehicles is empowered to make available special motor

vehicle registration plates for the Woonsocket education department. The plates shall be designed

to reference Villa Novan Pride.

      (b) The special plate shall be displayed upon the same registration number assigned to

the vehicle for which it was issued, and shall be used in place of and in the same manner as the

registration plates issued to the vehicle. The original registration plates for the vehicle shall be

removed from the vehicle and returned to the division of motor vehicles. The registration

certificate for the plates shall be carried in the vehicle, in accordance with section 31-3-9. The

registration certificate shall be in effect for the special plate.

      (c) The Villa Novan Pride motor vehicle plates shall be the same size as regular motor

vehicle plates, and shall be designed by the Woonsocket education department in conjunction

with the division of motor vehicles, with the design approved by the Rhode Island state police.

      (d) The Villa Novan Pride plates shall be subject to a minimum pre-paid order of at least

nine hundred (900) sets of plates per plate type (i.e. passenger, commercial, etc.). The Villa

Novan Pride plates shall not be issued unless the minimum order(s) requirements are met. The

initial order will be handled by the Woonsocket education department, and shall not be submitted

to the division of motor vehicles for production until the minimum order(s) have been met, and

the proper paperwork submitted to the division.

      (e) The administrator of the division of motor vehicles shall develop application forms,

pre-payment procedures and any other procedures deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of

this section.

      (f) In addition to the regular prescribed motor vehicle registration fee, the Villa Novan

Pride plates shall be subject to a forty dollar ($40.00) issuance surcharge.

      (g) The forty dollar ($40.00) issuance surcharge shall be allocated as follows:

     Twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be allocated to the general fund and the remaining twenty

dollars ($20.00) shall be distributed annually to the Woonsocket high school arts and athletics

program to assist in the fiscal needs required to maintain and promote arts and athletics at

Woonsocket high school, and to continue in the fostering of Villa Novan Pride throughout the

community. The distribution to the Woonsocket education department shall be placed in a

restricted account and applied to the Woonsocket high school arts and athletic programs. The

superintendant of schools shall supervise the distribution of said funds.

      (h) The Woonsocket education department will be required to submit an annual

accounting report before such monies are distributed.

      (i) There shall be no refunds for early cancellation of the Villa Novan Pride plates.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.