Chapter 506

2013 -- S 0757 SUBSTITUTE A

Enacted 07/17/13





     Introduced By: Senators Sosnowski, DiPalma, Lynch, Crowley, and Paiva Weed

     Date Introduced: March 13, 2013


It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:


     SECTION 1. Chapter 23-27.3 of the General Laws entitled "State Building Code" is

hereby amended by adding thereto the following section:


     23-27.3-108.2.4. Municipal advisory council on statewide permitting. -- (a) There is

created and established a "municipal advisory council on statewide permitting," hereinafter

referred to as the "council."

     (b) The advisory council shall be composed of five (5) members appointed to the council

by the governor. Each member of the council shall be an appointed or elected official of a Rhode

Island city or town. The Rhode Island league of cities and towns may submit names for

consideration for appointment. The governor shall select the chairperson. A member shall serve

until his or her successor is appointed by the governor. Members shall receive no compensation

for their services.

     (c) The advisory council shall develop specific and comprehensive recommendations for

a statewide process for electronic plan review, permit management, and inspection as required

under subsections 23-27.3-108.2(c)(2), (3) and (e) and to encourage full participation in such a

statewide process from every city and town in the state of Rhode Island. In addition, the council

shall serve in an advisory capacity to the state building commissioner, state fire marshal and the

office of regulatory reform within the department of administration.

     (d) In furtherance of the purposes described in subsection (c), the council shall provide a

report to the governor, the general assembly, and the building commissioner listing the number of

cities and towns participating in the state’s efforts to improve e-permitting processes, the number

of cities and towns not yet participating, and recommendations for increasing participation in the

state’s efforts to improve e-permitting processes. The report shall be provided beginning July 1,

2013, and at every three (3) month interval thereafter until the establishment of a statewide

process as required under subsections 23-27.3-108.2(c)(2), (3) and (e) is completed.


     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.



LC00793/SUB A