R 322
2015 -- S 0942
Enacted 05/26/2015

S E N A T E   R E S O L U T I O N

Introduced By: Senators DiPalma, Paiva Weed, Felag, McCaffrey, and Lynch
Date Introduced: May 26, 2015

     WHEREAS, The United States Office of Navy Outreach (NAVCO) began the Navy
Week program in 1985, and since then has coordinated 169 Navy Weeks in 69 cities throughout
the United States. Rhode Island, for the very first time, was one of 12 sites chosen to host Navy
Week in 2015. This celebratory event will be held from May 26th through the 31st, and will
coincide with the annual Rhode Island Air National Guard show at Quonset State Airport; and
     WHEREAS, The purpose behind Navy Week in Rhode Island is to provide interested
citizens with the opportunity to learn about the United States Navy and its importance to our
nation. The public will get to meet and honor Navy service personnel, learn about the technology
behind the construction and operation of various ships, and to learn about the vital work Navy
personnel do for our nation on a daily basis; and
     WHEREAS, Thankfully, the United States has the most powerful navy in the world and it
dutifully and vigilantly protects America’s vital interests across the globe, deters and prevents
wars, and ensures that the world’s sea lanes remain free to allow the flow of commerce and
information everywhere in the world; and
     WHEREAS, The United States Navy has had a presence in Rhode Island since the
Revolutionary War. It has gone on to establish an experimental torpedo station on Goat Island in
1869, the United States Naval War College in Newport in 1884, and is the home of Naval Station
Newport, the Navy’s Center of Excellence in Officer and Senior Enlisted Education and Training;
     WHEREAS, The United States Navy, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, from
World War II to the Cold War, has always served valiantly in defense of our nation to preserve,
protect and defend our precious freedoms. From the heroics in the Battle of Midway during
World War II, to the exploits of the Navy Seals, Navy Aviators, and its "Silent Service"
submarine heroes, the exploits of the United States Navy, in the defense of liberty, will forever be
remembered by a nation grateful to be living in a peaceful, prosperous and free society; now,
therefore be it
     RESOLVED, That this Senate of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
hereby declares May 26 through May 31, 2015, to be "Navy Week" in this state; and be it further
     RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and hereby is authorized and directed to
transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to Captain Dennis Boyer, Naval Station, Newport.