R 371
2015 -- H 6308
Enacted 06/11/2015

H O U S E   R E S O L U T I O N

Introduced By: Representatives Ajello, and Hearn
Date Introduced: June 11, 2015

     WHEREAS, A quote from a Denver Post editorial sums up the whole-hearted
commitment and sentiment Joan Ress Reeves has contributed to her chosen profession,
"Librarians are very special people. They are the caregivers of the world of the mind, the
nurturers of dreams and the defenders of truth. Perhaps no other profession is so marked by the
singular generosity of its practitioners"; and
     WHEREAS, For more than three decades, Joan Ress Reeves has dedicated her time and
copious talents to the benefit of myriad local and national libraries; and
     WHEREAS, Ms. Reeves has served as both a delegate and Chair to the White House
Conference on Library and Information Services, and has testified before the United States
Congress in support of libraries. In addition, she has served on the American Library
Association's (ALA) Committee on Legislation, the ALA Grassroots Advocacy Committee, and
the United for Libraries Legislative Committee; and
     WHEREAS, Locally, Ms. Reeves is one of the founders and serves as the Chair Emerita
of the Rhode Island Coalition of Library Advocates; and
     WHEREAS, Ms. Reeves has been honored for her tireless efforts in advocating for
libraries and her contributions to the betterment of our state and national libraries with numerous
recognitions including, the lifetime achievement Award from the University of Rhode Island
Graduate School of Library and Information Studies; and
     WHEREAS, As the former Chair and a longstanding, active member of The Library
Board of Rhode Island, Ms. Reeves has earned the respect and gratitude of its entire membership
for her significant contributions and the depth of knowledge she has, and continues to contribute
to the Board; and
     WHEREAS, Rhode Island General Law 29-3.1 limits successive terms for members of
the Library Board of Rhode Island, thus resulting in the significant loss of Ms. Reeves' continued
contributions of her valued experience and knowledge as a vital resource to the Library Board;
now, therefore be it
     RESOLVED, That this House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island and
Providence Plantations hereby respectfully requests Governor Gina Raimondo to appoint Joan
Ress Reeves as Member Emeritus to the Library Board of Rhode Island, and in that capacity, to
welcome and encourage her to attend all future meetings, engage in debate and discussion, join
subcommittees, and enjoy all non-voting privileges of the Board; and be it further
     RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and hereby is authorized and directed to
transmit duly certified copies of this resolution to the Honorable Gina Raimondo and Ms. Joan
Ress Reeves.