Chapter 300
2019 -- H 5798 SUBSTITUTE A
Enacted 07/19/2019

A N   A C T

Introduced By: Representatives Serpa, Noret, Jackson, Roberts, and Nardone
Date Introduced: March 01, 2019

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follows:
     SECTION 1. Section 1 of Chapter 330 of the Public Laws of 1997, as amended by
Chapters 119 and 140 of the Public Laws of 2006, is hereby further amended to read as follows:
     Sec. 1. The Town town of Coventry is authorized and empowered in accordance with the
provisions of this act, to plan, lay out, construct, finance, operate, and maintain sewage works
fora for a part or the whole of its territory and for such purposes to take by eminent domain or
otherwise any lands, water rights, rights-of-way, or easements, public or private, in said the town
necessary for accomplishing any purpose mentioned in this act. Such The sewage works may
include sewers and sewer service connections, pumping stations, sewage treatment works, sewage
disposal works, and other works essential to the proper collection and disposal of the sewage of
said the town.
     As used in this act, unless the context otherwise requires:
     "Preliminary plans" shall mean engineering reports which that shall conform to all
applicable state and federal guidelines and shall include detailed scope and area to be considered
with recommendations, preliminary and feasibility investigation, environmental assessment, cost
studies, economic comparisons of alternatives, and all application and pre-application work and
other work necessary or desirable before undertaking working plans.
     "Working plans" shall mean final design plans of facilities, detailed construction
drawings, specifications, detailed estimate of cost of construction, and shall include all other
engineering work which that may be required or advisable for actual construction of sewage
     "Town" means the Town town of Coventry.
     "Council" means the town council of the Town town of Coventry.
     "Highways" means any state or other highway and any public street, alley, park, parkway,
driveway, bridge, or public place.
     "Sewage works" means all constructions for collection, transportation, pumping,
treatment, and final disposal of sewage.
     "Common sewer" means a sewer in which all abutters have equal rights of entrance and
     "Force main" means a sewer wherein sewage is moved by pressure.
     "Sewer service connection" means a pipe to convey sewage and wastes from a building to
a common sewer.
     "Sewage" shall mean wastewater, water-carried wastes, or a combination of them,
discharged into and conveyed by sewers or intended or customarily so discharged and conveyed.
Sewage may be further classified as follows:
     "Sanitary sewage" shall mean the common wastewater and water-carried wastes from
human dwellings and from toilet and lavatory fixtures, kitchens, laundries, and similar facilities
of business and industrial buildings. In general, sanitary sewage shall not include storm water
from roofs, yards, streets, or open spaces,; water from land surfaces or brooks,; clean waste
overflows from springs, wells, or subsoil drainage,; large volumes of clean water from air
conditioning or other cooling or condensing facilities,; clean wastewater from hydraulically
operated contrivances; and those wastes included within the definition of "industrial wastes" next
     "Industrial wastes" shall include the liquid or water-carried wastes of any industrial
process not clearly included within the definitions of sanitary sewage, storm water, cooling water,
or subsoil drainage herein. In general, wastewaters carrying any quantity of oils, grease, fats,
abrasives, chemicals, residues of manufacturing processes, wastes from commercial food
preserving or canning, from slaughterhouses or meat processing plants, and similar substances,
whether dissolved, in suspension, or mechanically carried by water, shall be considered as
industrial wastes.
     "Storm water" shall include the runoff or discharge of rain and melted snow or other
clean water from roofs, surfaces of public or private lands, or elsewhere. For most purposes
within the scope of this act, storm water shall not include the flow of any natural brook, rivulet, or
stream, even if the source of such the water is storm runoff from land or other property once that
runoff has entered the channel of such the brook or natural watercourse. In general, storm water
shall include only water which that is sufficiently clean and unpolluted to admit of being
discharged, without treatment or purification, into any natural open stream or watercourse without
     "Cooling water" shall include the clean wastewater from air conditioning, industrial
cooling, condensing, and similar apparatus and from hydraulically powered equipment. In
general, cooling water will include only water which that is sufficiently clean and unpolluted to
admit of being discharged, without treatment or purification, into any natural open stream or
watercourse without offense.
     "Seepage" or "subsoil drainage" shall include water from the soil percolating into subsoil
drains and through foundation walls, basement floors, or underground pipes or from similar
     "Lateral sewer" means a sewer which that does not receive the sewage from any other
common sewer.
     "Submain sewer" means a sewer into which the sewage from two (2) or more lateral
sewers is discharged.
     "Main sewer" means a sewer into which the sewage from two (2) or more submain
sewers is discharged.
     "Land" means and includes any land, including building and other improvements thereon,
estate, riparial, or other right, easement, interest, or waterway.
     The Town of Coventry may provide for the construction of sewers and for other sewage
works for said the town and may raise funds therefor by borrowing or otherwise, and for that
purpose may issue bonds or notes of the town in accordance with the provisions hereinafter stated
or under other authority.
     The town council shall provide that annual charges shall be made upon the owners of the
lands using the sewage works and that sewer assessments shall be made upon the owners of lands
for which the use of sewage works is available. The town of Coventry may charge the owners of
lands using the sewage works, monetary interest charges in excess of those interest charges
actually paid by the town for the funds it has borrowed for sewage works' purposes, up to a
maximum of one-half of one percent (.05%) of the interest charges paid by the town. The excess
interest charges shall only be used for administrative purposes.
     The receipts from annual charges and sewer assessments shall be appropriated for and
applied to the payment of the charges and expenses incident to the planning, construction,
financing, operation, and maintenance of the sewage works, and to the payment of principal costs
for any bonds or notes issued for sewage works. Nothing in this act shall limit or affect the rights
or obligations of the town of Coventry, including obligations of the town acting by and through
its financial town meeting or its town council, to appropriate monies from its regular town tax to
fund its obligations under the intermunicipal agreement in wastewater services between the town
of West Warwick and the town of Coventry, as amended and restated from time to time, and the
Loan and Trust Agreement among the Rhode Island economic development corporation, the town
of Coventry and J.P. Morgan Trust Company, National Association dated as of December 1,
2003, as amended from time to time.
     SECTION 2. This act shall take effect upon passage.
LC002004/SUB A