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Senate Fiscal Office » Staff Stephen Whitney, Senate Fiscal Advisor

Stephen Whitney, Senate Fiscal Advisor
Susan E. Bernstein, Legislative Fiscal Analyst II
Attorney General
Business Regulation
Lieutenant Governor
Public Defender
Public Safety
Secretary of State
Laurie J. Brayton, Legislative Fiscal Analyst II
Higher Education Assistance Authority
Higher Education
Municipal Issues
Public Transit Authority
Robert C. Bromley, Senior Legislative Fiscal Analyst
Board of Elections
Convention Center Authority
Economic Development Corporation
Ethics Commission
General Treasurer
Human Rights Commission
Labor and Training
Military Staff
Public Utilities Commission
Quonset Development Corporation
Kelly M. Carpenter, Legislative Fiscal Analyst II
Clean Water Finance
Coastal Resources Management Council
Elementary and Secondary Education
Environmental Management
Narragansett Bay Commission
Resource Recovery Corporation
Lauretta Converse, Deputy Senate Fiscal Advisor
Arts Council
Atomic Energy Commission
Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals
Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission
Human Services
Office of Health and Human Services
Kayleigh M. Pratt, Legislative Fiscal Analyst II
Child Advocate
Children, Youth, and Families
Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Commission on Disabilities
Mental Health Advocate
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