Permanent Noise Monitoring Act – Aircraft Operations Monitoring System


§ 1-5-2. Copies of reports to government entities.

The Rhode Island airport corporation will prepare a report on a quarterly basis pertaining to the volume and quantity and flight track of air traffic at the T.F. Green airport in the city of Warwick, occurring during each quarter being reported on. These reports shall be submitted on a quarterly basis in each and every calendar year to: the office of the governor; the office of the president of the senate; the office of the senate minority leader; the office of the speaker of the house; the office of the house minority leader; and the Rhode Island department of environmental management and the mayors of the cities of Warwick and Cranston.

The report will include the total number of aircraft landings and departures, by aircraft type and time of day; an analysis of the amount of total usage of the runways during the reporting period; actual deviation from approved Part 150 departure and arrival flight paths by percent, runway, airline and time; and other information as may be desirable to ensure compliance with approved noise abatement and land use compatibility plans.

History of Section.
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