Warwick Airport Parking District


§ 1-6-1. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Administrator" means the state tax administrator.

(2) "District" means the Warwick airport parking district, being the district that runs from a point on Main Avenue in the city of Warwick at the southerly boundary of T.F. Green state airport, and westerly along Main Avenue to a point one-third (1/3) mile west of the intersection of Main Avenue with Post Road; turning thence northerly running along a line parallel to and one-third (1/3) mile west of Post Road to a point one mile north of the line of Airport Road; thence turning east running along a line parallel to and one-third (1/3) mile north of the line of Airport Road to Warwick Avenue; thence turning south along Warwick Avenue to Airport Road; thence turning west along Airport Road to the boundary of T.F. Green state airport; thence running southerly along the boundary of T.F. Green state airport to the point of beginning. If any parking facility (including entrances, driveways, or private access roads) is constructed partly within the district as so defined, the entire facility shall be treated as though within the district.

(3) "Operator" means any person providing transient parking within the district.

(4) "Permit fee" means the fee payable annually by an operator to the tax administrator in an amount equal to ten dollars ($10.00) for each space made, or to be made, available by the operator for transient parking during the period of a permit's effectiveness, but not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) for each permit.

(5) "Transient parking" means any parking for motor vehicles at a lot, garage, or other parking facility within the district for which a fee is collected by the operator, but excludes:

(i) Parking for which the fee is charged and paid on a monthly or less frequent basis;

(ii) Parking for any employee of the operator of the facility;

(iii) Parking provided by any hotel or motel for registered guests;

(iv) Parking provided by validation or having a validated rate, where the person providing the validation does not maintain a place of business at T.F. Green state airport.

(6) "Transient parking receipts" means the gross receipts collected by an operator (excluding the surcharge imposed by this chapter) in consideration of the provision of transient parking.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2002, ch. 424, § 2.)