The Permanent Air Quality Monitoring Act


§ 1-7-6. Reporting.

(a) The corporation shall provide the department of environmental management with an inventory of greenhouse gas pollutants, including, but not limited to, carbon dioxide and methane, and an annual inventory of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. The inventories of data generated in the prior calendar year shall be reported to the department of environmental management on or before March 30, 2009, and every March 30 thereafter.

(b) Data generated from the permanent air-quality monitors shall be reported to the department of environmental management and the department of health on at least a quarterly basis and shall be used by the departments to continuously augment and update air-quality-monitoring studies conducted by the departments.

(c) The department of health shall prepare an annual report that shall contain the department's findings, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations resulting from the data generated by and from the permanent air-quality monitors (the "monitors"), as well as a summary of the data collected from the monitors. The first such report shall be due on or before July 31, 2017, and on or before July 31 in 2018, 2019, and for any further year thereafter during which data is collected and reported pursuant to the provisions of subsection (b) of this section. Copies of these reports shall be provided by the required dates to the speaker of the house, the president of the senate, the office of the governor, the office of the attorney general, and the offices of the mayor and the city council of the city of Warwick.

History of Section.
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