Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Abatement of Nuisances

SECTION 10-1-7

§ 10-1-7. Decree and order of abatement – Sale of property.

If the existence of a nuisance shall finally be admitted or established in any proceeding under this chapter, a decree permanently enjoining the maintenance thereof shall be entered, and, in addition thereto, an order of abatement shall be entered, directing a deputy sheriff to enter the place where the nuisance exists and to sell and remove, in the manner provided for the sale of goods and chattels under execution, all personal property used in maintaining the nuisance, unless the owner of the personal property shall prove to the satisfaction of the court that he or she had no knowledge and by the exercise of reasonable diligence could not have learned of the maintenance of the nuisance before the filing of the complaint, and the court may further direct that the place where the nuisance exists shall be kept closed for all purposes for a period of one year unless otherwise ordered. The proceeds of any sale under this section shall be applied first to the payment of all costs incurred in connection with the proceedings brought under this chapter in connection with the nuisance, and secondly to the payment of a reasonable counsel fee for the plaintiff, and any balance remaining shall be paid to the owner of the property so sold.

History of Section.
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