Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Imprisonment on Civil Process

SECTION 10-10-12

§ 10-10-12. Payment of prisoner's board.

Whenever any person shall be imprisoned in or committed to the adult correctional institution upon original writ, mesne process, execution, or surrender or commitment by bail, in any action whatsoever, the party at whose suit the person is imprisoned, or committed for the benefit of or at the request of the United States of America shall pay to the warden of the institution in which he or she is imprisoned or committed the sum of two hundred ten dollars ($210), per week in advance for the board of the prisoner or person, reckoning the board from the time of the commitment; which payment in advance shall continue to be made by the creditor or the United States of America during the time the person shall be detained at his or her suit; provided, however, that in all cases in which any person shall be imprisoned under an original writ, mesne process, execution against the body or because of surrender or commitment by bail, in any suit in favor of the state and in all cases where the person is held in civil or criminal contempt by any court of the state, or any commitment under § 15-5-16, no board need be demanded by or paid to the warden. Provided, further, however, that in all applicable cases of commitment, the party so committing shall pay the board in advance until one week after notice in writing of the commitment shall have been duly served upon the party, or his or her attorney of record, by any member of the division of sheriffs, or other duly qualified officer and lodged with the warden of the institution where the person is committed.

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