Courts and civil procedure–Procedure in particular actions

Relief of Poor Debtors

SECTION 10-13-4

§ 10-13-4 Service of citation on creditor.

The citation shall be served on the creditor, his or her agent or attorney as provided in § 10-13-3, seven (7) days at least before the time appointed as provided in § 10-13-3, by reading the citation to him or her, or by leaving an attested copy with some person living at his or her last and usual place of abode, by a member of the division of sheriffs or either of the town sergeants or constables in the county in which the creditor, his or her agent or attorney, shall reside. If the creditor does not live or have any agent or attorney within this state, the service shall be made upon the creditor by any disinterested person.

History of Section.
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