Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Relief of Poor Debtors

SECTION 10-13-7

§ 10-13-7. Administration of oath – Assignment of estate.

The justice of any district court in the county where the prisoner is committed may at the time and place appointed examine the return of the citation, and if it shall appear to have been duly served, may administer the oath prescribed in § 10-13-8 to the party imprisoned as provided in § 10-13-5, if, after fully examining the prisoner under oath and hearing the parties, the justice shall think it proper so to do; provided, the applicant shall then and there first make and execute a deed of assignment of all his or her estate of every kind and wherever the estate may be, except what is exempted from attachment by law, other than debts secured by bills of exchange or negotiable promissory notes, to the warden and his or her successor in his or her office and his or her heirs and assigns, in trust for the benefit of all his or her creditors in proportion to their respective demands.

History of Section.
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