Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Trustee Process

SECTION 10-17-2

§ 10-17-2. Account by trustee as to attached property.

(a) Whenever any person, partnership, or corporation shall be served with a judicial writ, original or mesne process, with purpose of attaching the wages or personal estate of the defendant in the hands or possession of the person, partnership, or corporation, the person, partnership, or corporation shall render an account in writing, upon oath, to the court to which the writ is returnable. The original account shall state what wages or personal estate, if any, up to the amount of the demands set forth in the writ, the trustee had in his, her, or its hands or possession at the time the writ was served, except as provided in § 6A-4-303; or if none shall exist, the trustee shall state that fact in writing, to the court. The trustee is not required to account to the court for property in his, her, or its hands or possession in excess of the demand set forth in the writ.

(b) Whenever a supplemental accounting is required by § 10-17-4, the trustee shall set forth the amount of wages garnished, if any, in the reporting period and shall also state the total amount of defendant's wages held by the trustee to date. Upon the entire amount of demand as set forth in the writ being collected, or if the defendant permanently leaves the trustee's employment, final account shall be filed with the court issuing the writ, setting forth that fact.

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