Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Trustee Process

SECTION 10-17-7

§ 10-17-7. Amount with which trustee charged – Action against trustee.

If the accounts filed by any trustee in accordance with § 10-17-2 shall disclose that the trustee is holding any wages or personal estate of the defendant, then the trustee shall be charged to the amount disclosed, if less than the judgment or decree, otherwise to the amount of the judgment or decree. At the discretion of the court, an order may be entered allowing a partial charge of those funds. However, no such order shall be entered in the same case more than once in a three (3) month period of time. The plaintiff, after having recovered judgment or decree against the defendant, may bring his or her action against the trustee to recover the amount for which he or she is charged, with interest and costs.

History of Section.
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