Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Wage Earner Receivership

SECTION 10-18-21

§ 10-18-21. Payments by employers.

(a) Payments by any employer to a receiver in pursuance of notice from the court or the filing of a petition under this chapter or the receipt of an assignment of wages, salary or commissions by a receiver shall be payment to the employee the same as if received by the employee personally, regardless of any defect or invalidity in the instruments or these proceedings, and regardless of any statute of this state relating to wage assignments, garnishments, exemptions, or otherwise to the contrary.

(b) Any employer who pays any salary, wages or commission in violation of a notice received by him or her from the court shall be liable for any sums so paid.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1972, ch. 186, § 1.)