Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

SECTION 10-4-10

§ 10-4-10. Dividends to creditors – Assignee's report – Discharge of surety on bond.

No assignee under this chapter at common law for the benefit of creditors shall, except by consent in writing of all the creditors of the assignor, pay any dividend until the expiration of the period of four (4) months from the making of the assignment. In case no petition in bankruptcy or insolvency has been filed within the four (4) month period, the assignee shall complete the administration of the assigned estate as soon as may be, and upon the payment of final dividend shall make itemized sworn report in writing to the superior court of all his or her proceedings under his or her trust; and the court, after at least ten (10) days' notice by the assignee by mail postpaid, directed to the creditors of the assignor at the respective addresses as they appear in the schedule made by the assignor and filed with the assignee, of the time and place for hearing upon the assignee's report, shall examine the assignee's report and hear any parties interested, and upon the expiration of thirty (30) days after the approval of the assignee's report, or upon a decision approving the assignee's report by the supreme court upon appeal, or upon certification by the superior court as provided in this chapter, the surety upon any bond of the assignee shall be thereupon discharged.

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