Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

SECTION 10-4-2

§ 10-4-2. Filing of schedules and lists – Certificate of deed of assignment.

Every person making an assignment at common law for the benefit of creditors shall file with his or her assignee a sworn itemized schedule of all his or her assets, showing the amount and kind of his or her property, where located and the cash value thereof, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, and a list of his or her creditors, stating their names, residences, and the amounts due each of them, and the evidences thereof and securities therefor, if any, held by them. The sworn itemized schedule and the bond required in § 10-4-1 shall be filed with the clerk of the superior court who shall certify on the deed of assignment that the assignee named in the deed of assignment has complied with the provisions of § 10-4-1 and this section. No city or town clerk shall accept any deed of assignment for record unless it shall bear the certificate of the clerk of the superior court showing compliance with § 10-4-1 and this section, and any deed of assignment which does not bear the certificate showing compliance with § 10-4-1 and this section shall be null and void.

History of Section.
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