Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions

Assignment for Benefit of Creditors

SECTION 10-4-7

§ 10-4-7. Sale of assigned property – Continuation of business – Redemption of property subject to liens.

No assignee under this chapter shall sell any property of his or her assignor, except perishable goods, or in continuation of the business of the assignor in its ordinary course and without power to purchase new stock or to incur other than necessary expense for keeping the business along, without giving at least ten (10) days' notice to all creditors by mail, postpaid, directed to all creditors at their respective addresses as they appear in the schedule made by the assignor, and stating that the property will be sold at public auction at a given time and place, and the assignee shall also give like notice of such auction sale in some public newspaper published in the town or city, or if none be there published, in some public newspaper published in the county where the auction sale will be held; provided, that private sale at a fixed price may be made by consent of all creditors named in the schedule made by the assignor, or by order of the superior court upon application of the assignee and after like ten (10) days' notice by mail to such creditors. The assignee may also, upon like consent of the creditors, or like order of the superior court, redeem all mortgages, conditional contracts, pledges, and liens of or upon any property of the assignor conveyed under the assignment.

History of Section.
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