Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions


SECTION 10-5-16

§ 10-5-16. Surrender of attached goods on defendant's bond.

Every officer having goods and chattels attached by him or her in his or her custody shall surrender the goods and chattel, at any time after the attachment, and before final judgment or decree, to the person whose interest in the goods and chattel has been attached, or from whose possession they have been taken, upon being tendered a bond by the defendant or someone in his or her behalf, with sufficient surety or sureties to the satisfaction of the officer, in double the value of the goods and chattels so attached, the value to be determined by the sworn appraisal of any two (2) or three (3) persons, one chosen by the director of the department of public safety and one by the defendant or his or her attorney, and the third by the creditor or his or her attorney, or in the penal sum of the amount of damages stated in the writ, with condition that the bond shall be null and void if, at any time after final judgment or decree rendered in the action or cause in which the attachment shall have been made, upon request therefor, the appraised value of the goods and chattels shall be paid, or the goods and chattels shall, in as good order and condition as when surrendered, be returned to the officer taking the bond, or to any officer who shall be charged with the service of an execution issued upon the judgment or decree rendered in the action or cause, unless the judgment or decree shall have been paid, or shall be immediately paid, together with the costs upon the execution, upon the making of the request for the return of the goods and chattels or the payment of their appraised value.

History of Section.
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