Courts and Civil Procedure – Procedure in Particular Actions


SECTION 10-5-43

§ 10-5-43. Prerequisites to dismissal of receivership.

If an attachment has been dissolved in the manner provided in § 10-5-42, the proceedings for the appointment of a receiver shall not thereafter be dismissed and the receiver discharged, until all the assets which have come into his or her hands as receiver have been fully distributed or the claim upon which the attachment was made has been fully paid and discharged, unless the debtor, before the dismissal, deposits with the clerk of the court to which the original writ or writ of mesne process was returnable, such amount of money as the court before which the receivership proceedings are pending, after notice to the attaching creditor and a hearing, finds reasonable for the protection of his or her claim in the action in which the attachment was made. The clerk shall pay, from the amount so deposited, to the plaintiff, if final judgment or decree is in his or her favor, so much of the money as may be required to satisfy his or her execution and shall pay the balance, if any, to the defendant, and if judgment or decree in the action or cause is for defendant, in such event upon presentation of execution in his or her favor, the amount so deposited with actual accrued interest, if any, shall be immediately paid to the defendant, but such amount may at any time be paid by the clerk as the parties may by their agreement stipulate or as the court upon motion of any party in interest may direct.

History of Section.
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