Criminal Offenses

Food and Beverages

SECTION 11-16-2

§ 11-16-2. Sale or killing of young calves.

Every person who shall kill or cause to be killed, for the purpose of sale, or who shall sell to any person engaged in the business of killing of animals to be used for food purposes, any calf less than four (4) weeks old and the weight of which is less than seventy-five (75) pounds, or shall sell, or possess with intent to sell, the flesh of any calf which he or she knows to have been killed when less than four (4) weeks old, or the weight of which calf before being killed he or she knows to have been less than seventy-five (75) pounds, shall be fined not exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00).

History of Section.
(G.L. 1896, ch. 282, § 3; G.L. 1909, ch. 348, § 2; P.L. 1914, ch. 1055, § 1; G.L. 1923, ch. 400, § 2; G.L. 1938, ch. 611, § 2; G.L. 1956, § 11-16-2.)