Criminal Offenses

Gambling and Lotteries

SECTION 11-19-31

§ 11-19-31. Registration of charitable organizations.

(a) No charitable organization which intends to conduct a permitted game of chance within the state of Rhode Island shall conduct a game unless it shall file a registration statement with the department upon prescribed forms and receives a certificate of approval.

(b) In addition, in order to obtain a renewal of registration, charitable organizations shall file the statements required by this chapter prior to June 1st of each year.

(c) It shall be the duty of the president, chair, or principal officer of a charitable organization to file the statements required under this chapter. These statements shall be sworn to and shall contain the following information:

(1) The name of the organization and the purpose for which it was organized.

(2) The principal address of the organization and the address of any offices in this state. If the organization does not maintain an office, the name and address of the person having custody of its financial records.

(3) The place where and the date when the organization was legally established and the form of its organization.

(4) The names and addresses of the officers, directors, and/or trustees of the organization and the names and addresses of officers, staff, and/or members who receive a salary or any other form of compensation, the source of which is the proceeds from the permitted games of chance subject to subdivision (9) of this subsection.

(5) A copy of the annual financial statement of the organization audited by an independent public accountant licensed by the state of Rhode Island for the organization's immediately preceding fiscal year, or a copy of a financial statement covering, in a consolidated report, complete information as to all the preceding year's fund-raising from the above-mentioned games showing kind and amount of funds raised, costs and expenses incidental to it, and allocation or disbursements of funds raised.

(6) The general purpose or purposes for which the proceeds from the game shall be used.

(7) The name or names under which it intends to conduct the game.

(8) The names of the individuals or officers of the organization who will have final responsibility for the custody of the proceeds from the game.

(9) A listing of the names, addresses and the compensation of all individuals, directors, officers, agents, servants, and/or employees of the organization who receive compensation, commission, or other remuneration, directly or indirectly, from the gross receipts of such games in excess of seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) annually.

(10) The names of the individuals or officers of the organization responsible for the final distribution of the proceeds. The director or the director's designee shall examine each initial application of charitable organizations for the right to conduct the above-mentioned games and each renewal application of charitable organizations for the right to conduct such games and if found to be in conformity with the requirements of this chapter and all relevant rules and regulations it shall be approved for registration.

(d) The registration forms and any other documents prescribed by the department shall be signed by an authorized officer, an independent public accountant, and by the chief fiscal officer of the charitable organization and shall be verified under oath.

(e) The department shall make or cause to be made any investigation of any applicant that it shall deem necessary. As a result of its investigation and action, the department shall certify to the local police department or local licensing authority its approval or disapproval of the application. No applicant shall be approved if one or more of the following facts is found to exist:

(1) That one or more of the statements in the application are not true;

(2) That the applicant is or has engaged in a fraudulent transaction or enterprise;

(3) That the game would be a fraud upon the public;

(4) That game expenses during any of the three (3) years immediately preceding the date of application have exceeded twenty-five percent (25%) of the total gross money or gross receipts raised or received by reason of the games. In the event special facts or circumstances are presented showing that expenses higher than twenty-five percent (25%) were not unreasonable, the department, pursuant to rule and regulation, has the discretion to allow the higher expenses;

(5) That the expected cost of conducting the games for the specific year for which the application will exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total gross money or receipts to be raised or received by reason of the games; or

(6) That the activities to be financed will be incompatible with the health, safety, or welfare of the state of Rhode Island.

History of Section.
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