Criminal Offenses

Gambling and Lotteries

SECTION 11-19-42

§ 11-19-42. Forfeiture of charter rights and privileges.

(a) Upon conviction for a violation of this chapter or upon revocation of a certificate of approval, the attorney general may apply to the superior court:

(1) For the forfeiture of any charter rights, franchise privileges or powers of the corporation held by the convicted person under the laws of this state;

(2) For dissolution, if the person is a corporation or limited partnership organized under the laws of this state; or

(3) For the suspension of the privilege to exist within this state.

(b) The court, after giving due consideration to the public interest and to relevant competitive and economic circumstances, may grant as much of the requested relief as is deemed appropriate. A dissolution shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures specified by law for either voluntary or judicial dissolution of the particular type of corporation, association, firm, or partnership.

(c) If any corporation, association, partnership, or limited partnership shall be dissolved or have its privilege to exist in this state suspended or revoked as provided in subsection (a) of this section, no assignee, transferee, or successor-in-interest of the corporation, association, partnership, or limited partnership shall be permitted to incorporate or to transact business in this state without first applying to the court for and receiving an order permitting incorporation or transaction of business. No order shall be granted unless the applicant proves to the satisfaction of the court that it will conduct its affairs in accordance with all applicable laws.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1983, ch. 188, § 2.)