Criminal Offenses

Abandonment and Nonsupport

SECTION 11-2-3

§ 11-2-3. Complaints for nonsupport – Liability for costs.

(a) The director of the department of human services or his or her designee, or chief of police, or director of public welfare of any city or town, or any officer that the town council of any town or the city council of any city may appoint for the purpose, may make a complaint against any person for any of the offenses mentioned in § 11-2-1; and whenever any complaint shall be made by any of the officers listed in this subsection on account of the violation of § 11-2-1, the officer complainant shall not be required to give surety for costs, but shall give his or her personal recognizance and be liable in his or her individual capacity.

(b) Pursuant to § 11-2-1.1, the department of human services, after an investigation to determine the extent of an arrearage and the ability of the obligor to pay the arrearage or some portion of it may refer the case to the attorney general for prosecution in the family court for the county in which the obligor resides, unless the person does not reside within the state, then the prosecution may be brought in the family court for Providence County.

[See § 12-1-15 of the General Laws.]

History of Section.
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