Criminal Offenses

Jails and Prisons

SECTION 11-25-4

§ 11-25-4. Assault or escape by prisoner of medium or minimum custodial unit.

Every prisoner confined in the medium or minimum custodial unit of the adult correctional institutions or in the custody of the warden or other officer while outside the confines of the custodial unit, or in the custody of the director of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals pursuant to the provisions of § 40.1-5.3-1 who shall assault the warden or other officer of that institution, or shall escape, or attempt to effect an escape, either from those institutions or the custody of the warden or officers, or the director, including that custody which pertains to the work release program, shall be sentenced by the court to a term of imprisonment in the adult correctional institutions for not less than one year nor more than twenty (20) years. This term shall commence from the expiration of the original term of the prisoner.

History of Section.
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