Criminal Offenses

Malfeasance and Misfeasance in Office

SECTION 11-28-1

§ 11-28-1. Failure to pay state funds into treasury.

Every officer or other person receiving or having in his or her hands money belonging to the state that should be paid into the state treasury, shall pay that money to the general treasurer within seven (7) business days after he or she shall receive it or at any other times that may be deemed necessary by the general treasurer. In the case of funds which have been received by the state court system, he or she shall pay at any other times that may be initially approved by the director of finance of the supreme court and then approved by the general treasurer or unless otherwise provided by law. Every person who shall, without just cause, neglect or refuse to pay over that money, shall be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500) or be imprisoned not exceeding five (5) years.

History of Section.
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