Criminal Offenses


SECTION 11-30-1

§ 11-30-1. Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter and chapter 1 of title 10, the terms "nuisance or common nuisance", "person", or "place" are defined as follows:

(1) "Nuisance" or "common nuisance" means and includes any place as defined in this section in or upon which lewdness, assignation, or prostitution is conducted, permitted, continued, or exists, and the personal property used in conducting or maintaining any place for that purpose, and all buildings, places, or tenements used as houses of ill fame, for illegal gaming, or where intemperate, idle, dissolute, noisy, or disorderly persons are in the habit of resorting;

(2) "Person" includes any individual, corporation, association, partnership, trustee, lessee, agent, or assignee; and

(3) "Place" includes any building, structure, or tenement, or any separate part or portion of a building or structure, or the ground itself.

History of Section.
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