Criminal Offenses

Public Utilities

SECTION 11-35-22

§ 11-35-22. Offenses in connection with authorized interception of communications.

Except as otherwise specifically provided in chapter 5.1 of title 12, any person: (1) who willfully edits, alters, or tampers with any tape, transcription, or other sound recording, or knows of the editing, altering, or tampering, and presents the recording in any judicial proceeding or proceeding under oath, without fully indicating the nature of the changes made and the original state of the recording; or (2) who willfully discloses to any person any information concerning or contained in the application for or the granting or denial of orders for interception, renewals, notice, or return on an ex parte order granted pursuant to this section, or the contents of any document, tape, or recording kept in accordance with chapter 5.1 of title 12; shall be imprisoned for not more than five (5) years.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1969, ch. 55, § 3.)