Criminal Offenses

Railroads and Carriers

SECTION 11-36-1

§ 11-36-1. Hindering passage of trains – Placing explosives near highways, buildings, or tracks.

Every person who shall willfully place upon any railroad track any substance or thing with intent to hinder or impede the passage of any locomotive engine or car over the railroad, or shall willfully do any other act, matter, or thing, with intent to hinder, impede, or interrupt the passage of the locomotive engine or car, or whoever willfully throws into, against, or upon, or puts, places, or explodes, or causes to be exploded, in, upon or near a public highway, building, monument, bridge, railroad track, or car on it, or vessel, any gunpowder or other explosive substance, or a bombshell, torpedo, or any instrument or package filled or loaded with an explosive substance, with intent unlawfully to destroy or injure the highway, building, monument, bridge, railroad track, car, or vessel, or any person or property, in, on or near the highway, building, monument, highway, bridge, railroad track, car, or vessel, shall be imprisoned not less than two (2) years nor more than twenty (20) years, or be fined not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or both.

History of Section.
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